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Legend has it that in the 19th century a girl and her father found acres of unclaimed land in an unknown country they referred to as the 'New Land'. He decided that this plot of land would be the perfect site for a town. Taking pride in his daughter he planned on naming the town after her. Trinity Falls was the name, after his daughter and the magnificent waterfall that inhabited the land.

Trinity was her name, and she was said to be beautiful beyond compare. Her eyes were a sparkling grey that popped against her pale skin. She had curly raven locks that perfectly framed her face. She was a master at the harpsichord and she played so beautifully that her father could sit there and listen all day and just be mesmerized.

The beauty of her playing drew a witch from Hell in to the town's forest, the witch lived deep in the forest but close enough to hear the beauty of the harpsichord that Trinity played everyday. Her father's town started to grow, more and more people came.

It wasn't until winter that they hit their first problem. There wasn't enough food for everyone that winter a lot of the towns people died. Talks about a witch living in the nearby forest arose once in-explainable events began to occur. Trinity decided to pay this witch a visit in hopes that the witch will help her father's village.

After the last flake of white snow on the ground melted Trinity set out into the green forest to find the witch. A pendant in hand she hoped the witch would help her in exchange for the pendant made of emeralds and rubies.

Now no one really knows what happened next. They say the witch gave Trinity a spell book and she grew mad with power, she opened up the Underworld's gates and commanded the monsters from the depths of Hell to rein loose over the village. Everyone was said to be at her mercy. She spared very few lives, those who were spared fled without question her father was one of them.

The Underworld's ruler didn't like that Trinity's new found powers were greater than his so he dipped a dagger into the river Styx the most poisonous water in the Underworld and came to her bedroom when she was asleep. He stabbed her right in the heart the skin burned away revealing blood and burned flesh and slit her throat blood gurgled deep in her throat.

He carried her to a middle of a meadow were she was used as a sacrifice to the Devil himself in trade for the monsters to be sent back. No one ever did see the Devil take Trinity but when her father and the others who were spared returned they found a crimson blood stain in the middle of the lush meadow.

They say every night on the anniversary of her death you can see Trinity's body in the meadow a pool of crimson blood surrounding her and you can even hear the blood gurgling in her mouth and from the cut on her throat as the moonlight shines on the body. Beware for those who see her body on the anniversary of her death are said to be never heard from again.

-Trinity Falls' A History: Legends and Myths by Marcus McNeil.