We met we said we'd be friends forever.

But how'd you expect me to talk to you?

We lived hundreds of miles apart.

We still made it work

But eventually we became like driftwood

We became messages in bottles headed to opposite ends of the ocean

We became the very thing we said we never would

I tried to contact you but all I got was "error"

All I got were tears streaming down and covering my computer

I can't control what I feel

It's just the feelings so real

It hit hard

We were best friends

And now?

I can't even contact you

I guess I could call

But would you recognize my voice?

Or would you think I was a stranger

Someone not worth the time of day

Even if you recgonized me

Would be filled with bitterness and hatred?

Or would you hang up and make me keep calling

Until I finally caved in?

I don't know you anymore!

I miss being able to talk to you

Who's fault is this?



Are we both to blame?

I just don't get it!

For once I don't know.

If I'm to blame, I'm sorry.

Sorry that I didn't call

Sorry that I didn't speak to you

Sorry that I lost the best friendship over nothing at all

I don't even know what happened

I just know I can't reach you

And I'm sorry if I'm to blame

A/N: This poem came to me when I tried to email a friend of mine {well I'm not sure where we stand if we're still friends or what.} and it said "error this account had been disabled." I guess that's what I get for not calling her back. I have the crappiest luck with friendship don't I?