It all started 80 years ago when there was no peace just war it starts like this

Luke: George! Look at This!

(Luke Stares out the window )

(Warriors were fighting)

Luke: Get Your stuff!

Luke Got His wizard staff

George: Got his bow and arrows

Luke: Come on!
They Go Outside

George: Fuke!

Luke Lightning bolts some archer

Luke: ha!

George: Look Out!

Luke: GOD!

Luke gets shot in the hand

Someone Walks Up to them

?: Im the captin

Captin: Follow me

( They Walk to a Building )

Captin: You Mage Here

( Hands him health packet )

Luke: My name is Luke

Captin: Archer your name

George: George...

Captin: archer heres a way better bow

( Hands him a bow out of ice )

Captin: Freeze whoever gets hit


( Luke and George run out )

To be Countinued