"Midnight strikes me as I sleep, but I wake at the ring of my phone. The storm causes me to strain my ears to hear the Officer on the other end.

'"Could you repeat that?"' I ask. Lightning flashes as the wind tries to beat down my door.

'"Just grab your clicker and meet me at Old Jon's Mansion."' Then he hangs up. His words practically drag me out the door to my car where my 'clicker' is.

I do as he says and meet him at the Mansion, to find tons of police cars and reporters, asking question after question, none getting answered. They all let me through as I'm known to be the best reporter Washington's ever seen. And I promptly empty my stomach's contents as I step into the parlor where the body remains. The skin appeared burned as it stuck to the bones like glue to paper.

'"Don't ye worry Lynn, ye weren't the only one who took turns playin momma bird to the ground."' Ah, Tom enjoyed making others feel better when they had a rough couple of days. '"Bryan tell you 'bout the, ah, mess in the parlor?"'

I didn't answer Tom; instead I walked back inside the Parlor to do my job.

The Parlor walls appeared a dusty, neon blue with an odd orange border. The body looked like both man and animal but I thought it impossible, until now. I first examined the bone structure.

'"Female. Judging by her bone structure I'd say she'd be about 20, she'd given birth to twins by the looks of it."' I turned to Tom who followed me inside, '"this body's been here for years there's no possible way that these bones can stay so preserved without breaking at the slightest touch."'

I take out my camera and snap some pictures. Tom helps me by bringing my car around and putting my camera stuff in the back. Sighing suddenly I find myself wishing for some reason to walk up those steps and take the remains away to bury them, far away from here. The Amazon seems like a nice spot for Lykopis, I thought as I drove away. Then it hit me like a car hitting a robot, I don't know what Lykopis even means! The sudden want to drive back disappeared entirely.

I heard a thump outside my door, I realized where I was, the forest where everyone disappears. Then a low growl sounded at my door and fear washed over me as I saw the bones from the Mansion with the head staring straight at me."

"And that's all there was sir. No pictures like she said, no camera either. Do you think-?"

"Absolutely not cadet! this monster's killed enough people. Didn't I tell those scientists that this would happen! After all naming their species Peitho's. they have the power of persuasion, I want them killed and so will the President when he hears abou-!"

Dozens of screams sounded from the base but no one found out until morning.

Lykopis- she-wolf


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