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"Better Than Drugs"

Feel your every you on these empty the ache, stop the clear my mind.

"Just stop! Make it stop!" she gasped, in-between focusing. She was shaking violently, her mind filled with violent thoughts. His arms were locked sideways around hers, like a chain on two down-facing knobs. He stood behind her, holding her back and using all of his strength to do so.

"Just stand as still as you can okay? And lean back on me," he told her softly, his lips just an inch away from her ear. She contained herself even more than she already was, and the shaking increased, her teeth chattering nonstop.

"D-D-Danny, p-please," she ground out. He held her back even more, trying to make sure she couldn't get loose- not that she'd move away if she could.

"Come on, listen to my heart. Lean your head back and everything will…slow down…just stop shaking," he chuckled. He maneuvered his arms so that they were around her waist, hands together, without relinquishing his hold on her and she turned around to face him.

The pain inside every muscles within her was enough to bring most people down, but she'd felt this often enough before, and as time went by the pain had gotten worse, but she could always control her actions. She could stop herself from doing something that she would regret later.

However, since this pain had come into her life, her conscience had definitely shrunk. All apart of having the almost uncontrollable urge to kill. Still, it did her some good with being able to use logic in difficult situations.

"Thank you," she whispered, being able to form full thoughts now- that didn't involve gory pictures.

"Anytime Rose, you know I'm here to make sure you don't lose yourself," he smiled. He pressed his lips to her forehead. "I know this is worse for you than it is for most people, even me."

That was true. Her father had been a strong assassin, stronger than most, and she had inherited this strange…thing. Her uncle had it too, and she wasn't even related to him by blood. Still, after her father's death he had been the one to train her, and then ship her off to…well…this awful place. An academy for Americans with these Monster Urges, but located somewhere in a distant country in Europe was the place she had currently been in for two years. Sometimes she hated genetics.

You're my escape, from this messed up place' Cause you let me forget

You numb my pain.

"I want to get out of here," she whispered into his chest. It had been an official 2 years last Friday, two years of being at the academy. This Tuesday (they allowed a three day weekend for their breaks between years) was the first day of their last year.

"So do I," Danny murmured into her auburn hair as he wrapped his arms around her. They stood there, holding each other for just the briefest moment. That's all the time they had, before they had to go and be productive at the humongous stone cold, stone grey academy located someplace in a distant European country. The headmistress of this academy hated it when anyone was unproductive.

"Just one more year of this place, and then the two of us will be free. We can all be free. We can all be warm," she had an almost-smile at the last thought. They stayed there for a second more and then unwrapped their arms and faced the grey stone building that was a million times bigger than they were. They started to walk to it.

"Stay with me this year. Sit with Fiona, Xander, and me at lunch, and please keep coming with me when…when…oh, you know when," she waved away her words, not knowing exactly how to word what she wanted to say. Danny smiled, but a pain in his side- a remembrance of what normally happened when anyone smiled- shut it down.

"I will. I promise I will," he murmured. They walked into the grey stone building and the dark swallowed them whole, and they weren't seen to the outside.

Rose grit her teeth as she made her way to the lunch room. She was this close to snapping and going into a murderous rage. Nothing had pissed her off, this feeling of strong but dull pain was something she felt often enough to know exactly what it was, and how to deal with it. This time though, she'd be dealing with it in a more efficient and quicker way. That's why she scanned the large room for a boy sitting not too far from her.

She walked towards him.

"Danny," she breathed into the blond boy's ear. He turned around in his seat, and this made it easier for her to grab his shirt and lead him out of his chair. He felt a little jolted at this sudden action, but he went with it. She was a leader, and he was her follower when she wanted him to be. This was a time when she wanted him to be.

"Where are we going?" he spoke in a hushed tone, looking around briefly and counting the students that were making their way into the lunchroom. They were leaving it, and making their way to what seemed like the Dark Corridor.

"Where do you think?" she replied, her voice even and smooth, but like sand. She was tense and he walked quicker and walked by her side, and she dropped her hand from his shirt. He noticed that her eyes were somewhat darker, and her jaw was shut tight.

"Oh, so this is one of those days," he observed quietly, mainly speaking to himself. At his words she seemed to go faster.

"Only different," she inserted. His eyebrows scrunched together.

"Different?" he asked. She suddenly stopped and grabbed his shoulders. She switched their positions and pinned him to the wall. It would have been weird to outsiders considering she seemed a great deal smaller than him. In truth, she had a much greater amount of power than him.

"Half of the rooms in the corridor are like the private rooms across the school. The second half of the rooms in the corridor have beds- and we're seniors. We can have access to those rooms. You know why?" she whispered heavily.

"Sex is the opposite of what the urge wants you to do, but it still works," he remembered. When what he said finally clicked in his head, his eyes widened and he looked down at her.

"Are you serious? Are you sure?" he questioned with an incredulous tone. She stood on her toes and kissed him with a bit of force. He stood frozen for only a second before he started to respond and kiss her back. Then she pulled back and smirked, having given him his answer.

"Let's go," he whispered, starting to walk before her. She chuckled, although somehow with no humor. She traveled after him and caught up to him. In a short time they arrived at the room Rose's first teacher of the day had given her the key card to.

"You're sure," Danny murmured, already kissing her neck. She turned around to face him as she grabbed the door knob.

"Yeah, I'm sure," she breathed.

Feel you when I'm restless, Feel you when I cannot cope. You're my addiction, my prescription, My antidote.

"Danny?" the auburn-haired girl whispered into the pitch black hallway. She heard a rustling, which she assumed was someone standing up, and then she felt body heat that was radiating just a few inches from her.

"I'm here," the male whispered back. Immediately Rose wrapped her arms around his waist and put her face in his chest.

"I can't sleep, I have too much energy, I'm anxious, and I'm so tired," she continued to whisper because if she got any louder her voice would break.

"I know, I can't sleep either. We've got less than a year, and then we graduate. Don't worry Rose, everything will be fine," he murmured, petting her hair. He was staying still, not shaking, and he seemed not nearly as anxious as she was, but really it was Danny that needed this midnight meeting the most.

Danny had no one else at the school, and he had no real idea about what to expect when he came to the academy. He'd never had any training, not like Rose and her two siblings. It was a miracle the day Rose looked at him- one sharp sudden glance, and told him to sit with her and her siblings. The top student said this- and he felt much better. He felt more real, and less like he was drowning.

Neither of them though were given any real solace. The school was cold, grey, stone and the evil students had taken it upon themselves to make it a rule to never smile.

"We can't even see each other most of the time- we have entirely differently scheduled classes, and our dorm rooms are so far apart. We shouldn't be so independent of each other," Rose sighed. She was back to having a strong and still simple voice. He frowned.

"What do you mean?" She sighed again.

"I mean, we shouldn't do this often. I want to see you so much- but we're here to learn how to be assassins. Assassins don't form bonds like this- trust me, I've already learned this the hard way," she spoke quietly, looking down. Danny nodded, and stared at the wall behind her.

"Declan," he whispered. She nodded too.

"You're the best Danny, but Declan…I'm doing this to keep him safe. Safe from me. That really doesn't matter right now though," she thought aloud as she shook her head, "What matters is, you help me. I help you. We can't build up a tolerance of each other, but we have each other. We should have each other. Does that sound good?" She looked up at him right as he looked down at her. They could still only see outlines of each other, but it was still enough. They almost smiled (but didn't) as their eyes- that they couldn't see- met.

"Yeah it sounds good. We'll be each other's stress relievers. Antidotes for each other's horrible days that bring us down."

"Yeah, exactly that."

Feel your every heartbeat. Feel you on these empty nights. Feel you comin' on so fast. Feel you comin' to get me high.

They had agreed to no more midnight meetings that weren't necessary. This time, and they both knew it, was completely needed.

He laid in the bed next to her with an arm that rested over her waist. Her arm was underneath a pillow, and his mouth was by the nape of her neck.

"This was nice," he murmured, as a joke. Rose had to hold back a laugh, because even though there was no one else that would hurt her if she did, the pain she would have imagined would have been real enough.

"It was nice. I enjoyed that. It was relaxing," she sighed. This sigh was a good one though, normally she did that when she was stressed, rarely did she ever do it when she was…content.

"We'll never be able to do this again," he said, nearly laughing. He was smiling- it hurt a little, but he ignored it.

"You're right," she breathed. It was the middle of the night and she'd managed to get into one of the private rooms in the Dark Corridor. Chances were, they'd get caught if they ever attempted this again. She was almost surprised they weren't in the headmistress's office right then.

"We'll have to remember this until you get the monster urge again," he muttered. She nodded, and then she turned to him. Just looking at him made her smile.

"I think we can do it. Really. Unless you get them sometime this month," she joked. He didn't get the urges- which everyone at the school got- as often as she did. Maybe a few times a year, but not very often at all. They weren't very strong either.

"Who even knows…how soon do we have to race back to our rooms?" he asked, nudging her just a little. She looked at the illuminated clock on the other side of the large room.

"Let's give it another thirty minutes. I need some time with my antidote before I have to face everything else," she murmured, getting closer to him. He jumped a little.

"Your feet are very cold," he laughed. She smiled.

"Yeah, and you're very warm. That's why we need to stay here. Your body needs to be an influence on mine," she explained. He chuckled and wrapped both arms around her even more tightly. He rested his head on top of hers.

Sadness leads to a time of cloudy days where time passes and you're not even aware of how fast. All you know is misery, and most of everything is almost unclear, no matter how clear they may seem. In this brief moment of happiness the two teens felt clear. They felt relief and they were simply content.

This could be compared to a moment of clarity when otherwise intoxicated by some typically harmful substance. Normally the harmful substance offers sudden clarity that's not at all wanted- otherwise why would they be intoxicated in the first place? In this case, in an otherwise completely dreary life, these two found each other and found happiness, even if it would only last for a short amount of time. And really who wouldn't want that? It was so much better than drugs, this antidote.

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