The Social Pyramid

At the top of the Egypt's social class would be the pharaoh and his family. The pharaoh lived with his family in a grand palace and his word was law.

Right below the pharaoh would be the priests, nobles, and other wealthy Egyptian s who worked as government officials. They owned elegant homes made of mud bricks and wood, with breath taking gardens and pools filled with water lilies and fish. Heavy eye makeup, white linen clothes and jewelry were worn by the men and women.

Ancient Egypt's middle class was made up of people who ran businesses or produced goods. Artisans were an important part of the middle class. They produced linen cloth, pottery, jewelry, and metal goods. They lived in simpler and smaller homes than the upper class and dressed more simply.

Next, would be the farmers and herders. Most worked for wealthy nobles. They lived in villages along the Nile and had simple diets of beer, bread, vegetables, and fruit.

Unskilled workers were the lowest of the social classes. Physical labor was done by them. The unskilled workers lived in small mud brick homes with a courtyard for their animals, and hard packed floors. Families slept, talked, and played games on the flat roof tops.