Crystal Illumination

So there I was… All alone again, but then again, is that suck a bad thing? The moon was full and the stars bright, as they performed there magical dance in the sky, as if my whole life hadn't just came crashing down around me. Crumbling and crumbling till all that was left was dust and empty air. Sometimes I feel as if I was falling into that void, unable to grab hold of something to keep myself from falling to my impeccable death, and other times I feel as if I was floating, unable to direct where I land, the remains of my life around me. Trying to put them together again, the taunt me, floating away just when I get close enough for my fingers to brush a piece. I don't know which feeling terrifies me the most.

Deciding I needed rest, I laid against a tree, which, when I squinted through the darkness, could just make out the form of the other half of the tree trunk, spiraling and twisting in and out of the water, like a beautifully scary maze half submerged in this gorgeous Crystal Lake. Bathed in moon light, it seemed to shine and glow with everlasting beauty. It didn't just catch my eyes; it caught my mind and soul. Unable to think of anything else, unable to look away, I fell asleep, only dreaming of that gorgeous crystal illuminating lake.