The blade of the knife plunges again and again into the flesh of the man, scarlet spurting everywhere. Cackles of laughter fill the cool night air. Suddenly, I hear sirens. Loud, obnoxious, and close. I turn and whisper, "Run, Sara." She grins widely and continues to shriek, giggling dementedly along with me before gracefully prancing away and slipping into the darkness.

"Drop your weapon and put your hands up!" Guns are pointed in my direction, and fifty thousand bystanders scream at the same time. How stupid they are, only noticing me now. How annoying the police are. Somehow, I have been discovered by those annoying people in wailing cars again. They're always flashing their lights and attracting noise like bees to honey. I never liked policemen all that much, even when I wasn't being chased by them day and night. However, they have learned some things; they no longer let me go.

I await trial and investigation at one of the numerous juvenile prisons. The trial is commenced, and I am convicted… taken away again. Not back to the cells of my previous housing at St. Mary's. I stretch my bloodied lips into a grin and wonder silently if it will be at all like last time… I let them take me away.