It's simply irrational,

Probably idiotic,

Not at all fair.


I mean, you did

Nothing wrong at all.

It's just me,

Jealous me,

Furious that you

Get to be closer to him

Than I'll ever be.


The world works

In your favor.

Life thrusts you into

The world of a

Wonderful boy,

And yet does not

Insert in the girl

Who can appreciate

Who she's around.


I guess I shouldn't be

So close to tears

Over the fact he

Just so happened to be

A part of a group

You went with to

The movies.

It's not like I

Turned down the chance.


I wasn't even invited.


Why do I love him,

Him most of all,

But yet he is not mine

To keep to myself?

Why do you,

Who only sees him

As an annoying friend,

Get him to yourself?


So yes, it is irrational

To get so mad at you.

But yet, it can't be helped.

I do love him.