They had never known it would be

The last "I love you," the last "Have a good day."

They just couldn't have known.

Instead, as they're in the parking lot,

Watching the others around them melt in despair,

They probably wish they had made more

Of the last goodbye. Made it something special.

All of these innocent lives, lost to someone

Who could've been saved from the situation.

So innocent, so young, so perfectly beautiful.

In a few weeks time, they would have

Been opening their gifts from Santa,

Squealing in delight at their great fortune.

Instead, their parents will have to pull out

Their old funeral clothes, the thought of Christmas

A dead one, one that is forever spoiled.


What they do not see is the Angel,

The Angel who is holding each of the children

By hand, whispering to them to follow.

They do, and they grow wings. They are safe.