You're not in PJ's tonight;

In fact, you're in a dress.

You loudly announce your presence to her,

And take a seat under the piano.


Your mom scolds you, "Get out,

Leave the piano pedals alone."

You take one look at them, asking,

"Momma, what do these do?"


Your piano teacher chuckles

At your pure, unbridled curiosity.

"Those make the piano sound different," she says.

"Can I try?" you ask.


I watch you as I pack away my cello,

You're so young, so full of life.

I've watched you for the past couple of weeks,

Bickering with your sister over who performs first.


It is so adorable, seeing a child into an instrument,

Hearing her never-ending list of questions.

You are promised you will get to try

So long as you climb out from under the piano.


It is sad, realizing this little curious girl

Is going to have to grow up, and face hardship.

A broken heart, a mean word,

A rude look, a hope dashed.


I hope you never grow up, never change,

Because you are a beautiful creature.

Never grow out of those bright yellow dresses

And those neon green beads.