Chapter one

The sun peeked through my window and guilted me into rolling out of bed. I stumbled through the apartment, shoulders slumped, my eyes barely open. I groaned as I realised that I had to go to my friend's house and fix her television at around 9am today. I opened my windows to let cold air in for it was baking hot In here.

I continued into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. I cursed under my breath as I discovered that only a bottle of milk was in there. Even though I hated it, I ended up having a bowl of cornflakes with milk. I was not that hungry so I ended up swirling the cornflakes around my bowl until they turned into mush. Forcing the mush down my throat, I got up and placed the bowl and the spoon in the dishwasher. I then rushed back to my bedroom and slipped my best t-shirt, shorts and socks on. I was almost ready. I dashed to my bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face and gelled my hair.

Just as I finished getting ready there was a knock at my door. "Jason Anderson, you are under arrest on suspicion of murdering Alex Cambell and Lisa Cambell". What the fuck is going on? I have done a single thing! I turned and sprinted to the kitchen and smashed through the window. I was on the ground floor so I did not fall far. I charged to the back of the garden area and vaulted over the wooden fence. I ran on, never stopping, until the police cars started to chase me. Shit! I charged at the nearest police car and dive rolled to the right at the last minute. I now had about ten seconds to run as far as possible before the cars turned round.

Just as I started to run, a mass of policemen came out of nowhere. One of them fired their tranquilliser gun and I fell to the ground. Slowly everything went dark as I plunged into unconsciousness.