By MoonBug07

I jerked awake, violently gasping for air. A blur of color swarmed my vision. I rolled over onto my back, and cried out as pain seared down my left arm. I gripped my shoulder, trying to stop it, and felt something wet oozing from beneath my shirt.

I looked down.

Blood…there was so much blood…

I swallowed back the vile retch forming in my throat and looked away; it was a mistake. Beside me, in a pool of dark crimson, lay a woman with her limbs sprawled out awkwardly. Her long black hair fanned out around her, but beneath it, her glassy eyes gawked at me, and colorless lips parted in a permanent scream.

My heart pounded in my ears.I tried to crawl always, the pain in my arm now a deadened throb, but there was a wall in my way...I put my back in the corner, resting my cheek against the cool wood.

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on not throwing up.

This is just dream, I told myself. Just a dream…Just a dream…Just…a…dream…

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