A.N.: this is a short story inspired by the song "sunshine and citylights" by mr. greyson chance (the world most great artist-based on my own perception). I love the song that it makes me insane, I just.. you know, inspired by it, so I am writing this, I don't know if it's good or what, I just hope whoever read this will be satisfied. mmhh, actually this story is the story I want to happen in my own "love story" (disgusting, I know) well as you can see I'm a hopeless lover, GOSH! I should stop this, I'm making love a gross thing. so here it is, mmhh, please if you have a bad comment make it private, but if it's good, It's ok if you post it public. so I hope that you like this.

SUNSHINE AND CITYLIGHTS (a part one of a love story)


I walk in the hallway, with my head bowed down, group of students passed over me but none of them seems to notice me. I continued walking in this hell-like hallway, I can see judgemental eyes staring at me like a demon saying 'what an ugly nerd'. Yes!, you read it right, I'm an ugly nerd with big black-framed glasses, braces and a backpack full of books. And what treatment did a nerds gets in this school?, a hell life.

I fix my eyeglasses and then boom!, I bumped into something causing me to fall and drop my books. I quickly grab my books and look up to the face of the person who I bumped into to apologize but found a grinning faces. It was Westly with his company, the varsity slash campus crush slash son of the school administrator slash a BULLY. He bully everyone here, for the fact that he will never get kicked-out.

"still weak?" Westly said teasingly.

And the rest of his company laugh. I ignored them and started walking again. Who even wanted to start an argumentation with them if you know that that talk will not progress because they are close-minded person, so why bother?.

"What?, are you scared?, do you need your mommy now?, oh my, help the poor boy" Westly said in fake scared voice.

I heard them laugh, also I heard gigling by the other students, I see different eyes staring at me giving me a pathethic look and again, I was embarassed.

Westly again catch up with me and give me a smirk.

"Hey guys, look what he got"

And then I saw Kim out of the crowd, running toward Westly. I was captivated by the way how she run and by the way how her hair flew as she run.

"hey, you ugly nerd!" I heard westly added when he heard no response from me, but my focus locked on Kim.

Kim was a cheerleader, she was known as the campus beautiful girl. They lived across my house so I always see her everytime she go out and even then I have a secret crush on her that I know she will never know. But unfotunately she have a boyfriend and it was Westly, the worst person I ever knew. I wonder how she can survive a day with him.

"Hey babe, let him go, I think he needs to be somewhere and besides you don't have to bother him" I heard Kim said pleasingly. I don't know if she was looking at me or if they were looking at me or what is their reaction to what Kim said but all I know is she was being nice and sweet and I love it that way.

I continued walking without looking back, just bowed down. I wanted to thank Kim for saying that but if I do, I'm sure Westly will be angry. Westly hates seeing guya talking to Kim.

I just went home. I found my mom in the kitchen making the very best pasta. Mom is a great chef, she cooks alot of different cuisine that I don't even know they exist. I cheerfully ate the pasta and help cleaning the dishes and went upstairs to my room to study. Exam was approaching fast and I need to study hard to maintain my scholarship.

By 10 pm, I'm sure my mind was so tired and it hurts like hell so I think I need some freah air so I went out and sat at the swing placed on the front porch.

Across the street I saw Kim went out of their house and started to puff her cigarette. I saw her smoke before but this time she looks like she's frustrated or something. I saw her look at my house and then she saw me looking at her, she gave me a weak smile and waved at me, I waved back and smile.

She walk toward our yard and say 'hey' at me. I walked at her and sat at the front porch stairs where she first sat.

We sat there in complete silent, I don't know if she wanted to talk to me but she can't because I saw her crying and it embarassed her or she just wanted to stay silent.

Kim is my childhood friend, we spent almost our childhood playing and let me tell you that she is really good and inteligent but time change, she became popular while me, I stay the same and when we enter high school we finally lost our communication. And I feel sad about it.

"Sorry for what Westly did" she finally broke the silence but her voice was cold as the breeze of winter.

"You don't have to say sorry, it's not your fault and I think you don't deserve saying sorry to what Westly did" I answered in a soft voice.

"You know what, I'm sick of staying by his side, he never listen to me, he never did ask me what I feel, I-i.. it's so frustrating" she said ditching her cigarette then hug her knees.

She looks like a scared little girl and this is not what I know about her. She used to be strong, when she don't want what is happening to her she will find a way to make it right, but what I saw right now is a different kind of Kim.

"Then why don't you tell him what you feel?" I asked looking at her.

"I can't" she plainly said without looking at me, just staring at the cigarette in the lawn.

"Why?" I asked again.

"Your still the same, Dexter, you wanna know everything. gosh I missed you so much" she answered changing the mood and give me a much warmer smile.

I smiled back and say that I missed her, too. We spend the night telling each other what we missed in our life. And God, I missed her so much. I missed everything we used to do, like spending the whole afternoon talking about our strict teachers and nagging about our brothers and sisters and our playmates and our classmates.

When the both of us yawn at the same time, Kim stood up.

"I guess I have to go now, I have a great night with you tonight, thanks alot, I feel relieve, so.. bye for now?" She said looking down at me while her hands are on her pockets.

"Yeah, bye for now and I guess, see you soon" I answered.

She laugh and said that I was cute and she like it then she run towards their lawn and waved at me the last time before she enter the door.

I smiled in the thought the she like it when I was being cute. That night I slept with a smile in my face.

The next morning was still the same, I woke up early, ate breakfast that my mom made, and prepare for school. At school usual things happen, my first class was boring and it happens to be a literature class. Thanks God break time approach fast. I went to the same place where I used to eat lunch and it was the parking lot. I ate at the bench in complete silent while I read my sociology book. Suddenly I heard someone yelling at each other.

"I told you not to talk to any guys here in school" A guy voice said.

"Yeah, but he was my friend" A girl voice said.

They were not in a far place cause I can here the loudness of their voice.

"Your friend?, yeah right!, when you were still a loser!, so stop talking to him" A guy voice said.

"But why?, he is my friend, so I will talk to him evrytime I want" the girl said.

Those voice were familiar to me, I just can't figure out who.

"Because he's a loser and I don't want my girlfriend talking to a loser" The guy's voice was really loud, you can tell that he is really annoyed.

"He is not" the girl answered.

"Yes he is, and whether you like it or not you will not talk to him again" the guy said in a complete bossy tone.

"No, I will not, it's my life so I will do anything I want" the girl argued.

Then I heard a loud noise, like someone slap something and soon I realized that the guy slapped the girl. I stood up and look around where they are and not far enough I saw Kim on the floor with her hand in her face and Westly was there with his face full of anger.

"Remember that if it wasn't for my family, your dad was dead by now and your family will suffer alot, so if I were you, I will stop arguing with me" Westly said in a cold tone then left Kim there sitting on the floor.

I run toward Kim to help her.

"Kim?, is everything alright?" I said.

She wipe her eyes and smiled at me. She was crying.

"Yeah I'm fine, just a misunderstanding" she look the different direction so she can hide her face that Westly slapped but she's too late I saw her burning left cheek.

I help her stood up, her cheering uniform that fits her perfectly though there was sand dust in part of her skirt.

"You know, when you don't like what is happening around you, you've got to tell it, when it is said but not done, you have to fight for it until you become happy, but you have to think twice if what makes you happy will make people around you happy, too, but in your case, I think you have to fight for it" I adviced while handing her the books she was carrying.

"But if I fight for it, my family will suffer and I don't want that, I can suffer by my own but seeing my family suffer, I don't think I can live with that" she answered while fixing her self.

"Why?" I asked but she didn't responsed instead she gave me a weak smile then walk away.

I was left there standing in confusion. I know that Kim doesn't love Westly, I can feel it. And based on what I heard from Westly, her family have some kind of owe on Westly's family. So I guess that's why she can't leave Westly, because of her family.

The day grew confusing to me. There's a lot of things running to my mind but I can't just figured out what is it. It's just i feel pressured. I went home after school, it was friday today, some students went out of town to have some fun because the following week will be an exam week.

I wanted to go downtown but I have no friends to accompany me, mom was always tired of household choir so he can't come with me to watch movie, dad, Kelly and Patrick, my sister and brother, would never come with me if I said I wanted to see a movie.

So my night was spent in my room, reading a book my dad bought to me last week. Hours passed until I finished the book my dad gave me. Actually, it was good.

I went to the window and look up and I saw a beautiful sky above me. California sky would never be as good as anything.

I look at the house across the street and I saw a smiling face at one of the window then she waved at me.

I smiled back and waved at her, too.

She took a paper and wrote something in it. After she finished writing what she have to write she showed it to me.

'Nice sky, right?'

I excitedly took a paper and a pen then wrote:

'Yeah, you like it'

Then I showed it to her.

She smiled and nodded.

'Don't have anything to do?' She asked through the paper.

This time, I nodded.

'Wanna go out for awhile and talk?' Again, she asked through the paper.

'Why not?' I replied.

She smiled and close her window, I close mine, too, and make my way outside.

I saw her on their front door smiling at me when I got out. It's actually late, 11:30 pm, but I don't care cause it was Kim who I was seeing.

I walked over their yard and sat at the bench where she was sitting.

"Old school?" She asked.

"Yeah, I remember this bench, it was such a long time ago" I replied in complete amusement.

"Yeah, like it was yesterday, we used to sat here after school" she said.

"Yeah" I agreed.

She smiled at me, such a warm and sweet smile.

I wonder what it feels like to be Kim's boyfriend. I bet it was wonderful. When can I feel that?.

"Don't you want to go downtown, watch movie?" She asked.

"I wanted to but mom can't come with me neither dad nor Kelly and Patrick" I answered.

"Then why didn't you tell me, I can come with you" she said.

Suddenly, a car stop in their front yard, a white lamborghini, I guess. And Kim's expression changes, from happy to scared, I don't know but part of her face I saw a fear in her eyes then changes into anger then back to fear.

The door of the car swung open, and Westly came out of it with angry look at his face.

"Westly, what are you doing here?" Kim asked standing up to meet Westly.

But Westly respond a slap and next thing I see was, Kim is on the floor. Rubbing her burning cheek cause by the hard slap.

I stood up but Westly stop me with a shout.

"And you why are you here, huh?" He said.

I was dumbfounded. He is so angry.

"Please, Westly, I invite him over" Kim said though she's still on the floor.

"So, you don't listen to me" a more angry voice came out of Westly's mouth.

Kim's parent went out because of the loudness of Westly's voice.

"What's happening here?, Westly, why are you shouting" a scared voice of mrs. Colton.

"Ask your daugther" Westly replied finally controlling his anger.

"Kim?, what did you do?" Mr. Colton said.

"I did nothing, dad, I was just talking with Dexter" kim replied finally on her knees.

"That's it, you were talking to him when I said not to" Westly said.

"It's my life, Westly, I do what I want" Kim argued.

"Kim!" Mr. Colton reacted.

"Im so sorry, Westly, really, but don't worry this won't happen again" Mrs. Colton pleased.

I was just standing there, I can't speak even if I have a lot of things I wanted to say. But still, I was just there.

"Be sure Mrs. Colton because if dad heard about this, you know what will happen" Westly said before he leave.

Kim started to cry there. Mr. Colton shook his head slowly.

"I know it's hard but.. just think about us Kim" Mr. Colton said then leave.

"Come inside whenever you wanted to" he added when he enter the door.

Mrs. Colton patted Kim while she was crying. I know that mrs. Colton didn't want this to happen either.

Kim was still crying, Mrs. Colton went inside the house, and again, it's just the two of us, Kim and me.

Silence revolved the atmosphere, a defening silent.

I was just staring at Kim while kim was there, crying. I wanted to comfort her and said that everything would be alright but I can't. My feet won't walk toward her. My voice won't came out of my mouth.

Until she finally speak.

"Sorry for what happen, I guess you should go home, it's getting late" Kim said in fake happy tone.

"Bu-but how about you?" Words that came out of my mouth.

"I'm fine, don't worry, I'm used to this" she said smiling.

I know she's not OK, I know she's hurt, I know she's playing to be strong but I can see in her eyes that she just can't be strong. I wanna help her, I wanna do everything to comfort her, but how?, this is lot more harder than mathematical equation I used to answer.

"No, you're not" I bravely said.

"Dexter, you were such a good friend, but I don't want either of you or my family to.." she stopped, but continue anyway, "just, just go away, we should keep our distance for now on" she said without looking at me.

"No, I know you don't want this to happen" I said but inside me, I can feel my heart being stab a thousand times, I never thought she can say that, that we should keep our distance, it was so unnatural.

She walk toward me, cupped my face, and let out a sigh.

"Your still the same Dexter I knew, the same little Dexter that used to comfort me when children bully me at the playground, and I love that" she said.

And suddenly I feel a warm thing in my lips, and next thing I knew, Kim was kissing me. A soft and gentle Kiss.

I don't know what to do so I just close my eyes and stay still until I feel the warm lips was an inch away from mine.

I open my eyes and saw Kim staring at me.

"I- I'm sorry, I shouldn't done that, it's wrong, I'm so sorry" Kim softly said as she back away from me.

No, this can't be wrong. Something in me knows that this can't be wrong.

"No, Kim, this is not wrong" I said taking one step forward to her as she back away.

"No, I know that the feelings not mutual-" I cut her.

"The feelings mutual, Kim, I -I love you" I bravely said.

I saw a shock face, then turned into a smile but turned again into fear.

"This can't be, if Westly knew about this, we're both dead meat" she said as she rub her forehead.

I walk over her and hold her hand.

"Why are you so scared of Westly?" I softly asked.

"It's getting late, you should go" she said then look away.

"No, tell me" I insisted.

"Please, Dexter, I can't tell you about this, I-I just can't" she said fear lingering in her voice.

"Are you afraid that I'll judge you?" I asked still holding her hands. It was soft and nice, I could've hold it in the rest of my life.

"Dexter, just go home" she said pleasingly but something inside me telling that she didn't want me to go.

"No, I will not go home unless you tell me" I answered.

She look at my eyes that's why I look back in her eyes. She was hesitating whether to tell me or not but I'm eager to know what keeping her backed.

"Please, Dexter" she pleased.

"No, tell me Kim, I will understand everything" I assured her.

"D*mn Dexter, why are you so headstrong?" She asked.

I just stare at her.

"Ok, stop staring at me"

I finally succeded.

"Kim, aren't you coming inside?, Dexter, it's too late, I think you should go home" Mr. Colton said inside.

Kim cupped my face and whisper, "tommorrow night, I'll meet you when everyone is sleeping, I'll tell you everything".

I nodded then she gave me an encouraging smile then run inside the house.

I don't know but a smile suddenly formed in my face. I walked back to our house and went straight to my room, mom and dad's light in their room was shut so I conclude that they were already sleeping, I saw my brother watching television in the living room but I couldn't care because I was going to explode because of the happiness I felt right now.

Finally, I was sure that the feeling's mutual now. It was so, so.. AMAZING. I guess the word 'amazing' would best describe what I feel.

I lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. And in an unexplainable reason, I saw Kim's face in the ceiling, it's like carved there. I smiled at what I see.

I close my eyes but instead of the sound of a ticking clock, I heard Kim's beautiful and soft and elegant voice, it was good in my ears, and I love it the way it sounds like.

And I drifted off to sleep.

I found a smile on my face when I open my eyes, the sun was striking in my face through the curtain of my window.

It was a beautiful day and I couldn't wait until everyone go to sleep again.

I headed down and went to the kitchen, I found my dad sitting at the table, reading his news paper with his coffee, mom was cooking an eggs, probably for me, kelly and patrick.

I sat down next to dad then he dropped the newspaper and stare at me blankly. Mom glance at me and I don't know what's going on. What actually going on?.

"Where did you go last night?" Dad plainly said.

Dad was staring at me in a very different way, it was so unnatural that it's not comfortable for me, it was like I was on a hot seat.

"A-ah, at my room" I lied.

"Really?" Dad asked in a cold tone.

"Yes, why?" I answered.

"Mr. Colton told me you were talking to Kim last night, is that true" dad said before sipping a coffee.

"Well, dad, it was just a small talk, more like a reunion of the two friends for me" I answered.

"Is that so?" He stopped, "Mr. Colton said he didn't want you around his daughter, what do you think the reason is?" He bluntly said.

I was dumbfounded. Did Mr. Colton told dad what happened?. Sheesh, why suddenly I feel scared, I mean it was nothing, it was just a simple family problem of the Coltons, at least I think it's just a simple family problem.

"I don't know, what he said?" I answered.

Again, he dropped his news paper, mom set the eggs in the table.

"He said he don't want you around Kim, and we made an agreement that I will never let you be around Kim again, so for now on stop talking with Kim, stop friending her, stop everything that connects the both of you" he said.

"What, dad?, are you serious?, we're just friend?, what's wrong with that?" I blurt out.

Dad slammed his fist on the table that made me and my mom to startled.

"Just do what I said" he said in not an angry tone but not in a good and soft tone either.

And then he grabbed his coat and went to the door and leave for work.

It's saturday so no school but staying here in the house killing me like what I felt when I'm at school.

I can't believe this, why did they want me and kim end our friendship and an almost growing love, at least I felt it as an almost growing love.

I jumped out of my bed and headed to the window, I stare at the house across the street. It was the same old house but in new bright paint, it looks the same as our house but different color and different style of lawn. It was quite and seems no one live there until I saw her mother went out of the front door, followed by her father and headed to their car then drove away. A minute after, I saw Kim at the front door checking if her mom and dad was gone then stare at our house, like she was searching or something.

I still wanna stare at her face but she quickly went inside.

I was about to lie down again in my bed when I saw her waving her hand in her window at her room.

A smile slowly grew at my face that she returned with a smile, too. She placed a white paper in front of her.

I read it:

Sorry, for what my dad say to your dad, I knew this was comming. I'm sorry.

I shook my head. No, this wasn't your fault, don't blame yourself.

I took a paper and a pen then wrote:

It wasn't your fault, and it's OK.

She smiled at me, a problematic smile, but still, she was beautiful. Gorgeous.

We stared at each other until she wrote something in her paper:

Still up for tonight?

I nodded and gave her a smile. She smiled back but suddenly turned to a worried look, but she's not looking at me, she's looking down.

I look down at our yard and saw my mom looking at my window, she have a, I don't know look on her face.

I don't know, but maybe Kim knew this was the end of our small talk, so she waved goodbye to me.

With a sad look on her face.

I hated whenever I saw her sad, it's like the time that she was supposed to be happy was decreasing, and it annoyed me.

I watch her close her window and sigh. I don't know if she feel the same way as I do but hopefully she did. Based on what happened last night. The way how our lips touch each other, the way how she looks in ny eyes, it was so.. Magical, like I was in a Fairytale. Funny, though.

I touch my lips where dhe kissed me last night and swear I can still feel her lips on mine and her soft breath that makes me breathe, too.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. Mom, possibly.

I walked slowly to the door and open my door, and I saw my mom angry face but when she caught my gaze it instantly change. In a pity look.

She shook her head and looked down.

"Dexter, we want your happiness but," she stopped, "but.. we're doing this in your own good" she said.

I just stare at her. Blank expression. She sighed then hold my hand and gently pulled me to sit in the bed.

"Remember when you're little, when you went home sad, I used to tell you that, when things happen that become a problem and it was like, there was no solution for that and it was like killing you. All you have to do is look up, pray and believe in yourself that you can over come anything and also believe in him, the generous creator. And everything will be OK, cause you believe in yourself and to him" she said in a soft and endearing tone.

It was so good. That she understand me. That she understand what I felt. I can't control my emotions anymore that makes a tear fall in my right eye.

She wipe it caressingly.

"No, honey, don't cry. Remember you were a brave and strong soldier, and a brave and strong soldier don't cry" she said then smile at me. A sweet and motherly smile.

"M-mom, thank you" I said.

I just felt blessed to have a mother like her.

I gave her a smile and she smile back and take her cue to leave me alone.

I don't know anymore, do I still have to go and make things up with Kim or should I leave it alone and let my future roll in my hand. But if I wouldn't come with Kim and know everything, how can I help her?. The tears that escaped from Kim's eyes last night wasn't just an ordinary tears, it was genuine, full of emotions, it's like she kept it the whole year and last night she finally shed it.

I lie down on my bed and stare at my ceiling. And think. Think. Think. Think. Just think.

There's so many thought coming out of my head. Like what should I do?, what would Kim think of me if I backed out?. It's giving me headache. Gosh! What should I do?. I'm so confused.

I closed my eyes.

When I open my eyes, a huge, bright light hit my face. I try covering my face with my hands but it's still not enough. The light's hurting my eyes. It's like a huge spot light but it's a lot brighter than a usuall. I can't take it anymore it's burning my eyes, my body sweat like I never sweat before. It was outrageous.

Suddenly I feel a cold thing touches my hand. And when I take my hands out of my eyes, the bright light was gone. And an old women stand in front of me and I startled of what I saw. It was grandma, my kind and overprotective grandma, she died when I was 6 but what she's doing here?, did she came back alive like somewhat a reincarnation or something?.

She slowly smile at me. The soft and kind smile she used to give me when I was little. I missed it, I missed my grandma. A tears escaped from my eyes and I hugged her tightly.

She pat my head like what she usually do when she's still alive.

"My handsome and smart prince, you've grown so much" I heard her said but all I do is cry in her arms. I never thought that I could see her again. She was my bestfriend, my favorite person in the whole world.

"You have to be strong, follow what's inside your heart, follow what makes you happy, grandson" she said.

I nodded while sobbing. I wipe the tears out of my eyes so I can have a good view of my grandma's face but when I open my eyes again, she's gone. She's no longer standing in front of me. She's out of sight. Where did she go?.

A tears escaped from my eyes again. It's hard to accept the fact that I will never see her again and hold her in my arms again. I cried and cried until there's no tears to fall in my eyes, I closed my eyes.

When I open my eyes, it was dark, everything was black. Until I knew that I'm back in the real life. It was almost midnight. So it means I slept the whole day, and the moment that grandma showed up to me was only a dream. A very meaningful dream. She said follow what's inside my heart, follow what makes me happy. All I have to do is follow my heart and what's makes me happy.

I stood up in my bed and grabbed my jacket. I have an appointment with Kim and she's what makes me happy, she's inside my heart so I have to follow her.

I headed to the front door but of course I make sure first that every one was asleep and when it's all clear, I slowly twisted the front door knob and silently went outside.

I saw Kim standing at our lawn and when she saw me came out,a smile formed in her face. I jogged towards her.

"I thought you'll never come" she said smiling.

I cupped her face and whisper, "you know I will never let you down" then smile.

She return the smile and grab my hand and drag me running.

"C'mon before someone saw us here" she said chuckling.

I smile at the thought that she was holding my hand. Not actually intertwined but for me, it was something special. And this makes me happy.

We went to a subway station and rode a train. We sat together and she gave me a sweet smile.

I smiled back at her. We just stare at each other. Smiling. Lost in our own different thoughts. I wonder what's she thinking?, if she thinks about me.

We just broke our stares when she looked away and get something in her pocket and next thing I knew it was her camera phone.

"You're so cute, can I have a picture?" She said with a pout.

Gosh! She's so cute with that pout in her face. Makes me wanna kiss her right now.

I came back to my senses when I heard a click and a giggle and found Kim taking photos of me. I quickly hide my face with my hands.

"Uh, Dexter, please just another shot" she pleased.

"I don't wanna, I look fool" I answered behind my hand.

"No, you're not, you always look good" she said.

"Liar, big fat liar" I answered sneaking an eye to see her reaction.

"I am not, im telling the truth" she protested.

I unleash my hand from my face and smile at her, "thank you for appreciating me" I said.

She smile back and quickly click her camera phone to caught a stolen shot from me. She giggled.

"Hey, delete it!" I protested.

"Na-uh, I'm keeping this" she said scrolling down to her phone, "oohh!, this was one good shot" she said looking at the phone.

I try to grab her phone but she instantly flew her hands in the air far in my reach.

"Hey!" I protested again.

"You're so funny, you look good here" she said showing the screen on her phone, "I mean it, you look handsome here".

I stared at the photo at the screen and, I don't know, I look good?.

"I did?" I asked.

"Yeah, you always have the looks, you just have to, mmhh," she stared at me, examining my whole face, "I think you need to change your hairstyle" she added.

I run my fingers through my hair. And think. Yeah!, it's been awhile since I had my hair cut. I heard her chuckle. I smiled at how cute she laugh, it's like I'm listening an angel's harp or something good.

"Oh, down we go" she said the grab my hand and pulled me running.

Again, I felt my heart skip a beat. I know, too girly to listen but that's what I felt. Whenever we made a little, just little, contact my heart seems to jump out of my shirt. I know it's crazy, like woah! Am I sick. But No, I am not sick. Maybe that's what happen when a feeble and impotent soldier meets a fascinating and alluring princess.

She dragged me until we bpth make it to the exit of the train and there, she let go of my hand. Sad thing.

"So where are we going?" I asked as we passed through the gates.

"Mmhh, let me think" she said curling her lips as she concentrate.

I smile at the picture I am seeing now, a pretty and smart princess.

"I think we should go first in my territory" she said looking at the bright beautiful sky full of stars.

"Your territory?, you mean like yours?" I asked confusion ligering in my voice.

She looked at me and nodded, "well, actually it's not mine, goverment property but no ones using it so I claim it as mine" she said boastfully.

"Oh, is that so, do you mind taking me to your territory?" I asked.

"Of course not, c'mon" she said walking ahead of me.

I watcher her back as she walk. Her curves were shown in her fitted jacket and her skinny jeans compliment her long legs.

"Hey!, aren't you want to be side by side with me?" She asked, her body slightly twisted so she can see me.

I smiled and jogged towards her, when I caught up to her she grab my hand and intertwined her fingers through mine like it was nothing. I stare at our hands intertwined together. Am I dreaming?, like, is this true?, she is actually holding my hand. not like a hold, it was intertwined together like what couple did.

I smiled looking at her. she was so gorgeous, always been.

We walked for almost ten minutes and she stop at an old closed building. The building looks like other building but it had grafitti in it and looking through the windows, it was so dark.

"You scared?" Kim asked staring at me while I examine the building.

"Na-uh, I was just, you know, checking it out" I said.

"Yeah sure, whatever you say" she said sarcasticly looking at the building.

She took a step forward and slip her hand in her pocket and get the keys of her so-called 'territory'. She unlock the door and a creaking sound welcome us.

It was pretty dark inside, only the street lights were the lights shining in the dark building. She looked back at me, and gave me a sheepish grin.

"Welcome to my territory" she announced and switch on the lights and suddenly, the dark building lighten up with the colored bulbs and christmas lights hanging on the walls and it just look fantastic.

"So, shall I gave you a quick tour?" She asked winking at me.

I smiled and walked inside the magnificent building of her.

She showed me around, it was cool that she has this building, not her but government though. But this was huge, I mean, she was lucky the government leave it and she found it and no one was there to get it from her.

"When I wanted to be alone, this was my temporary home, and when I wanted to have a party since my mom and dad wouldn't allowed me to have it in our house, I will set it here. I love this place" she said sitting in the couch placed on the near window.

"It..it was awesome, this was awesome" I answered.

She smiled, it was a gorgeous smile."Wait, follow me, I'll show you something good" she said walking in the stair.

I followed her in the stair. The second floor was a big empty space but there was this desk in the middle and the walls also have a colorful bulbs. She went upstairs again so I followed her again, the third floor was also big empty space, but on the one end there was this small room, I assumed it was a toilet, also there was bulbs hanging in the walls and a big windows was located in the middle part of the room and cartons. She went upstairs again so I followed her, there was a door at the end of the stairs, so I assumed it was the rooftop. She look at me before turning the knob and opening the door. The rooftop was also empty but there was boxes and benches.

"Come here, look at this" she said while looking at the night view of the buildings.

I walk to her at the end of the rooftop, there was railings with plastic flowers in it, it was cute.

I pop my head up and look at the view where she was staring and my mouth drop open.

I was actually staring at a magnificient view.

"They all do this when it was midnight" she said. I look at my watch and it was exactly 12 evening.

The lights of some buildings was open while the other was closed and the building with an open lights where aligned in a heart shape and the lights higlighted it and it was.. august. Yeah, august is the appropriate term for this.

"This is so good, I mean this is august!" I exclaimed.

"August?, I think that was an exaggerate term" she replied.

"No, this deserve it" I replied in an amaze tone still looking at the view.

"You think?" I nodded without looking at her. "Shall we sit down and enjoy the night" she asked. I looked at her and smiled then nodded.

We sat at the bench now looking at the sky full of stars. I smiled at the thought that this day turns out to be this good. This amazing feeling was capturing me inside out, so much. This was like an ecstacy. And I don't know what to do if this feeling fade.

"This is romantic, I think. I wanna stay lile this forever" she said out of the blue.

"Yeah, it was magnificient" I replied.

"You know what, this is better that hanging out with Westly" she said.

I look at him, she smiled so I smiled back.

"I love this way, free and peaceful, with you, the person I love" she said in a soft tone.

My eyes grew big. I was shock she said that. I don't know. First, this night turns to be nice, second, those romantic lights in the building and now this, I mean this is the best night ever. Hearing her saying she love this, and she love me?, did I heard it wrong or what?. This is confusing. I don't know how to react with this.

A.N.: so this is the first part of this, this is actually a short story. I thought of making this real short but it turns out to be like this. So I decided to cut it in two parts. I'll be posting the second part of this soon. So if you like it, please wait for the second part until I finish it. I'll be changing the tittle of the second part but I'll notice you that it was the second part. Hope this was good. And I hope you'll love it cause I love it this way. Hehe. That's for now folks, see you till' the next part.