I had a purple giraffe

Its neck was long and graceful

And its laugh was so contagious

I could not keep the smile off my face

We would sit by the watering hole

And laugh and laugh and


And one day my purple giraffe and I went by the


That No One Dares Go To

And She Whispered A Little Rhyme,

"What would


If I were to jump

Would my bones grow out

Would I get a hump?"

But I didn't laugh

I didn't have to

She looked sadly at the cliff

She looked sadly at the sky

She looked sadly at me

And then she jumped

There was no scream

There were no tears

There was just the empty silence of fear

Her neck broke so fast the doctors said

That she couldn't of possibility

In all possibilities felt any pain

And I know she didn't

But I saw her Mother

And her Father

And I saw myself

Maybe it didn't hurt for her

Maybe it didn't hurt

But it did

There was silence in the Savannah that day

And the day after that

And the week after that

I can see nothing but silence.

It is contagious