My name is Dana, I'm 15 years old. I have a long dark hair and I have slanted eyes, the color of my eyes are brown, my lips are bow shaped. I wore my black shirt and my skirt to school. As usual I waited at the field for my crush to pass by I've been wanting to talk to him ever since and after class is over vacation starts, I don't even have his number.

I heard rumors from my classmates that he walks home all alone and I heard that he's an animal caretaker and that he's a latchkey boy. Then, I saw him walking all alone, he have this serious face that makes him look like he's angry every time he's alone but I know he's not angry. Every time someone talks to him his face becomes animated and I rarely see him smile. I wonder what the story of his life? I really wish that before vacation I became friends with him and its really sweet that he likes animals, I like them too. He had brown hair and we're the same height.

My heart beat fast when I saw him, when he's inches away from me. I reached out my hand to tap him on the back and talk to him but something stopped me, I couldn't do it. 'Damn it!' I said in my mind. I watched him walk away, going to class. I was such a coward! I couldn't talk to him and I won't get a chance to talk to him after school.

After the bell rang we said our good-byes to my friend who's going to move away. I'm gonna miss her so much, she's the best friend I ever have. I'll really miss Karen and her red hair, she's so nice to me and the one giving advice to me and who comforts me. And now she's moving away, she told me that she would sometimes visit us. We hugged her and waved good-bye.

My friends and I were headed towards the gate and when we we're outside I saw him walking really quick "Guys! I'm sorry but I need to go, we'll talk later. Okay?", I didn't wait for their answer, I walked away quickly to catch up with him. I heard my friends saying 'later', I'm glad they didn't get mad at me.

He's just keep walking, didn't look back and I just keep following he bought an ice cream at the candy store, he didn't open it I bet he's saving it for later after that I kept following him. Past his house, along the river through a grove of trees. Just where is he going? On a vacant lot on a hill having followed my crush I witnessed his secret, he opened the popsicle he bought and threw he it into the air, then a giant monster devoured it after devouring it he petted it like a dog.

I saw its sharp teeth and the spikes behind its back reached the long tail and its eyes were red, its ears is like an elf and the sharp claws, the color of the creature is black. Then the monster sniffed looking to its right and left, searching for something, then it roared like a dragon. "What is it?", my crush said.

It growled looking at the direction of the tree I was hiding. They saw me and I stood there shocked, I couldn't move. The monster looked like that its about to charge and eat me my crush stood there too same expression as me. I moved a few steps backward then he called out with resolve "Please! Don't tell anyone. It won't hurt you I swear", he begged me.

I just stood there looking at the monster. Then my crush approached me, he touched my shoulders "Please, don't tell anyone about this.", he said to me. I nodded and looked at his eyes they were brown like mine. My heart began beating fast when he touched my shoulders but he dropped them after I nodded. "Thank you", he whispered. Then he smiled at me, Its rare to see him smile. I smiled back.

The monster approached us, using its head to touch him he turned around and petted it. "See, its harmless", he said. I still stood there speechless.

"Hey, I think I know you", he said to me. "Do you go to the same school as mine?", he asked me and I nodded again. "Oh, yeah. I think I remember you. I often see you every recess but we never talk to each other. My name's Daniel", he held out his hand, I took it and he shake my hand. After we shook hand I looked down at the ground not sure what to say. I wanted to tell him that I already know his name and how I liked him ever since but I just wanted that a secret.

"And your name?" he asked.

"Dana", I said quietly.


"No, Dana. My name's Dana", I said.

"You're like a quiet girl. So what brings you here at this place where I hide him?", he pointed at the monster. I wanted to tell him I've been following him but he'll think of me as a stalker. Its getting pretty late and I'm late for my curfew. I didn't answer his question instead I told him "I'm sorry but I have to go.", I began walking backwards.

"Okay, you promised you won't tell", he said. I nodded and smiled. "Thank you. Its nice meeting you Dana", I turned and walked away. I heard him telling his monster that I'm a friend.

I arrived at home and went straight to my room, I locked the door and lay down on my bed. I heard a knock on my door "Dana, you're late. You're curfew's an hour ago.", my mom said.

"I'm sorry, mom. Just lost the track of time"

"Honey, its okay. You'll see her again someday", I know she meant Karen.

"Thanks mom", after that I heard her walking away. I believe that Karen and I will meet again someday and we'll hang out with our friends like we used to do. What I can't believe that my crush is raising a monster! And I promised him that I won't tell anyone. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.