Ash the koopas the rules and please send them in

Hi xxeloisedrewxx here ask the koopas and me and my siblings questions plz

you can ask:

Lemmy Koopa
Eloise Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Ellen Koopa
Morton Koopa
Hailie Koopa
Bowser Koopa
Bowser Jr. Koopa
Erikua Koopa
Enuki Koopa
Larry Koopa
Wendy O' Koopa
Roy Koopa
Erin Koopa
Ludwig Von Koopa
Elise Koopa (you can call her Elizabeth or Elli but Elise would be good to call her)
Dry bowser
Dry bowser jr.
Koopa Troopa
Goomba (yeah he is a minion not a koopa but meh some are OC charatcers too)
Claudia Koopa (in one of the chapters)

If I missed anyone tell me

1. You guys seperate your questions
2. Don't add anything if you forgot on the same chapter you CAN pm I will answer these shortly
3. Don't get mad at me if you hate the reply
4. Read on lol :D

Lemmy and Eloise: ASK US NOW!

Ludwig and Elise: Or don't -_-

Iggy: SCREW YOU TWO! Plz ask us we will be happy to answer ya :) well except Ludwig and Elise tdgaf

Elise: what?

Ludwig: means he "they don't give an eff"

Elise: ohh

well click on dat reveiw button and type in your questions! NOW!