Quentin is a boy. But he wasn´t born like that. He was a girl before and this is his Story.

Hey Guys,

I am Quentin McAdams.

I am 16.

I was Born as Quinn Leonie.

Now my name is Quentin Leo.

I have a Twin Sister.

We were identical.

Her name is Charlotte Rose.

She still loves me.

My parents are also very supportive.

My dad and I always watch Baseball together.

My mom is really proud of me and my sister.

Last week she said that I am a gentleman ,cause I helped a girl at school with her books.

I hated my life as a girl.

Being a boy is right for me.

I am Quentin now.

Not Quinn anymore.

I even have a girlfriend.

Her name is Kitty .

She knows that I was a girl before and accepts it.

Kitty is beautiful.

She has blonde her.

Blue eyes.

And her smile makes my heart skip.

She is so perfect.

Like for real.

We already decided to get married when we finish college and then we will adopt one or two kids. Maybe three.

Kitty is just perfect.

Her body is so flawless.

I never thought I could love someone like that.

I love her breasts.

Her breasts aren´t big.

No she has a handful.

I love to knead her breasts.

I love her moan.

I love her sweet lips.

Her butt.

I like everything about her.