You are not a delicate flower

Or the soft petals of a rose

You are not fragile or small

Or a porcelain beauty

You are not a cool snow-covered morning

Or thin and translucent like the icicles hanging from your rooftop

You are not a cozy Sunday morning

Or a lazy Saturday evening

You are not perfect hair and perfect skin

Or perfect teeth and perfect nails

You are not the ocean, deep and vast

Or curious like a new species discovered there

You are not sought after

Or a prize to be won

You are not an angel, always needed

Or a kitten, loved and cared for

You are not a goddess

Or beloved like an idol

You are 3am, still awake

And popping melatonin pills

You are the sounds of a heart monitor

And the flat lined moments, fleeting

You are hospitals and stitches

And woven together with broken promises

You are guilt and sorrow

And hope swirling down the drain

You are crazed phone calls at 4am

And lost friends, new enemies

You are sex and drugs

And whispers from parents and doctors

You are ear buds, used until you break

And 5am trips to the infirmary

You are a lost soul

And locked up like a prisoner

You are long drags on a cigarette

And praying it'll end you sooner

It's 6am and I'm here to tell you

You are my imperfect princess

Wrapped up in gauze bandages

Goodbye, grade school dreams