"Everyone's so excited to meet you, they all love you and they haven't even met you yet" My cousin Maisy said.

We were sitting in my room trying to get all my stuff organized. My family had just moved upstate to the same neighborhood as Maisy's family; my mum thought it would be better to be closer to family, Dad thought it was a stupid idea, my older brother Chris thought it was a new opportunity to meet new girls and my baby brother Thomas didn't care. I was happy to move; I was starting to feel suffocated at my old school. All the people there were fake and my ex-boyfriend Brian was unbearable to be around, I was living in constant fear of his abusive behavior the only people that knew of Brian was mum, dad, Chris and Maisy, no one else needs to know.

"You're seriously zoning out right now Bella" Maisy said, my head snapped up and I looked at her

"Sorry I was just ... thinking" I said hesitating

"If you were thinking of Brian I'm going to hit you" She said

"I wasn't" I said quickly

"Oh Isobel you need to get over it, thinking of him isn't going to do you any favors" She said

"I know, I promise I wasn't thinking of him" I said not looking away from her

"Good because you're gorgeous and there are plenty of boys that will be fighting for your attention" She said

"Sure they will" I said, I didn't believe a word she was saying, I was just an average looking girl, I'm average height with mid-back length blonde hair and green eyes, I guess you could say I had a nice figure but nothing to brag about. Maisy was the complete opposite She was really tall and had legs to die for. Her eyes were brown along with her bob cut hair.

"Have you decided on what you're wearing tomorrow?" Maisy asked

"I haven't got a clue, not all my clothes have been put away yet, I'll just throw something on in the morning, I'm not looking to impress anyone" I said

"You could go in your pajamas and still look hot" She said

"Don't be silly" I said

"No you don't be silly, you know you're hot" She said

"I'm not going to talk to you anymore if you're just going to talk nonsense" I said

"Your brain is nonsense" She mumbled

"I heard that" I said flicking her arm

"Hurry up, I have to leave soon, I'm meeting James, Scott and Fiona at the movies, you should come actually" She said. I've heard a lot about Scott and Fiona but I've never met them. I've seen James plenty of times, Him and Maisy are perfect for each other, he is tall like her and has short brown curly hair with bright blue eyes.

"I'm too busy right now Maisy, next time, I promise" I said

"I'm going to remember you said that" She said

"That's OK, I promised you" I said shrugging.

After Maisy left I threw myself down on my bed and just lay there for a moment, I was about to fall asleep when Thomas came running into my room "Issy" He said trying to climb onto my bed,

I sat up and lifted him onto my lap "What's up" I said

"I don't know" He said

"What you doing?" I asked

"Park Issy" He said

"Now that's a fantastic idea, how about we go to the park and then find somewhere to get ice cream" I said

"Creamy's" He said, his eyes going wide

"Yes, brown creamy's" I said laughing.

I stood up and swung Thomas onto my hip before leaving my room. I went looking for mum or dad around the house, dad was nowhere to be seen but mum was in the office "Mum, I'm going to take Thomas to the park and then for ice cream if that's alright" I said

"That's fine hun, Just don't stay out too late, Thomas starts Day-care tomorrow morning so I don't want him grouchy" Mum said

"No problem, see you later, love you" I said

"Love you too, be a good boy Thomas" She said

"Me good" Thomas said

"Ok, bye" Mum said called as we walked out the office.

"Let's go put your shoes on" I said, Thomas wiggled out of my hold and took off in a run

"Me do shoes, I big boy" He said

"Oh you're a big boy are you" I said following him into his room. He was sitting on the floor trying to force his converses on his feet

"Tommy, let me help you; I'll be quicker" I said crouching down beside him.

He huffed and thrust his feet towards me. In no time, our shoes were on and we were driving in the car. I found a parking spot two blocks away from the park. We conveniently walked past an ice cream parlor on the way to the park, I distracted Thomas as we walked past, and I didn't need him to get excited yet. At the park, Thomas went crazy when he saw the swings, "Sit here" He kept saying, swaying the swing seat in his hands

"Ok, I'm coming" I said. We spent two hours in the park, playing on the swings, slide and climbing frame

"Should we go and get ice cream now?" I asked

"Yay creamy's" Thomas squealed.

It seemed like we couldn't get to the ice cream parlor quick enough, Thomas pulled me along by my hand "You must be patient Thomas, we'll be there soon" I said trying to pull him back

"Brown creamy's" He said, his bottom lip trembling

"Ok, we'll run" I said giving in to his cute face.

Before Thomas had his second bite of ice cream, his face was covered in chocolate "You are a messy boy" I said giggling

"Me like brown creamy" He said through a full mouth of ice cream

"Yes I know" I said looking around for some napkins, I spotted them up on the counter

"Listen to me now Thomas, I'm just going to go and get some napkins, stay right here ok" I said

"I be good" He said nodding his head vigorously.

I gave him a pointed look before getting up from me seat. I grabbed some napkins and turned back to Thomas but my path was blocked by a well-toned chest, I stumbled back a bit but was stopped by a hand on my arm "Whoa, sorry I wasn't looking, are you OK?" The guy asked.

I felt tingles where my arm was being held; it increased when I heard him speak. I was feeling a bit hesitant to look up into his face, if I was feeling this way from his touch did I really want to look him in the eyes? I took a deep breath and looked up and into deep blue eyes,

"I'm OK thanks" I said watching his eyes scan my face, lingering on my lips for a bit too long

"You sure?" He asked

"Don't worry I'm fine" I said taking a step back from him. His smell was intoxicating; I needed to get away from him

"Well it was nice talking to you" I said moving around him,

"Wait, are you Isabella by any chance" He asked,

I turned back to him at the sound of my name "Yeah, how do you know that?" I asked, raising an eyebrow

"I'm Scott and friend of Maisy's" He said

"Oh so you're the Scott she went to the movies with" I said

"Yeah, Fiona and James too, they should be here soon actually, why don't you join us?" He asked

"Sorry, I can't I'm here with my baby brother and I've left him alone for too long already" I said trying to look around him

"Maybe another time then" He suggested

"Sure, I really don't want to be rude but I have to get back to my brother" I said side stepping him

"No problem, I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow" He said with a hopeful tone

"Yeah, sure" I said giving him a final smile before walking around him, I looked over at my table and saw that Thomas was still there stuffing his face.

"You are such a good boy" I said kissing him on the head as I passed

"I finished" He said grinning

"Ok, how about we clean you up and then head home, you start Day-care tomorrow" I said

"I go big school" He said

"Not yet baby" I said

"I be big too like Bell" He said

"Soon you will be" I said, I cleaned his face as best as I could. Once we got home, Thomas went absolutely crazy. He started running around the house screeching.

"Isabella, what exactly have you given your brother?" Mum questioned

"Only the ice-cream, maybe they put something different in the ice-cream in this town, I'm sorry" I said

"It's alright, I just hope he calms down in an hour, he needs to take a bath" She said

"I really am sorry mum" I said feeling terrible

"It's OK love, go and finish off your room, you have an early start too" She said

"Ok, if you sure" I said,

She just smiled at me and gave me a gentle push out of the room, I walked into my room just as my phone started to ring, I dived onto my bed and answered it "Hello" I said breathlessly

"Oh my gosh, you work fast you haven't even stepped foot in school yet" Maisy blurted through the phone,

I stared at my phone confused before replying, "What do you mean" I said

"Scott said he met you earlier and I can tell already that he's fallen for you" She said without taking a moment to breathe

"Don't be silly, it was only a brief encounter" I said

"Oh my god, you like him to!" She squealed.

Whoa hold on a second, I do not like Scott, I haven't even had time to think over are conversation. "You're getting a bit ahead of yourself Maisy" I said

"Deny it all you want now, but I see something happening, I have the right to say 'I told you so' when it does" She said

"I'm not talking about this anymore, I have more unpacking to do, and then I'm going to bed, see you in the morning?" I said

"Definitely" She said before hanging up. I really didn't want to think about Scott, I wasn't ready to get into a relationship with anyone, anytime soon so I pushed the thoughts to the back of my head and engrossed myself with unpacking. It took me most of the night to unpack and organised my clothes into my closet.