The trip was short and sweet and before I knew it I was following Maisy into the house. "Hello!" Maisy called "We're in the TV room!" Fiona called back.

Fiona, James, Scott and another guy I didn't recognize were all sitting around a pile of DVD's. "Hey sleeping beauty" Fiona said smiling up at me "

Morning" I said grinning,

"This is Lee, he's been our neighbor since forever" Fiona said "Nice to meet you" I said.

We settled on watching all three Jurassic Park films first, everyone was settling down on the sofas it was no surprise from the secret looks that Fiona and Maisy were giving that I ended up sitting in the middle of Scott and Lee. "Fiona, do you have a spare blanket I could use?" I asked

"You're not going to fall asleep are you" Maisy said accusingly. I smiled and shook my head. I turned and looked at Lee; he was looking back at me

"Hi" I said "Have we met before?" He asked

"Nope, I'm new to town" I said "That explains it, how you liking it?" He asked

"It's lovely so far" I said smiling. When Fiona gave me a blanket, I pulled my feet up under myself and pulled the blanket up to my chest. I dozed off a third of the way through the first film and woke up at the beginning of the last one. My head was on something warm and soft, I opened my eyes and looked up I'd fallen asleep on Scott's chest, I quickly sat up and looked at him,

"I'm so sorry" I whispered "It's ok" He said smiling

"Do you mind if I get a drink of water?" I asked "Yeah sure, I'll show you the kitchen" He said.

Once we were in the kitchen I said "I really am sorry for sleeping on you"

"it's fine, you couldn't help it" He said "You should of pushed me off or woke me" I said

"And risk the abuse you'd give me, no thanks, I'd rather suffer" He said laughing "Don't be mean" I said lightly pushing his shoulder

"Wouldn't dream on it" He said, "So, excited for Friday?" I asked

"I never said I was coming" He said, a small smile on his lips

"I clearly heard you saying that you were, I remember" I said

"I think you need to get your ears checked" He said

"Oh stop it" I said laughing "If James is up for it I'll come" He said

"I'll just take that as a yes you'll come then" I said winking.

When we went back to the others, they were all staring at us. I looked down as my face heated, walking back to my seat. When the movie was finished we just sat around talking while we waited for pizza to be delivered.

"Have you got a man Isabella?" Lee asked "Why does every guy I meet ask me that, I'm going to get yes tattooed to my head" I said slightly irritated

"Oh so you have" Lee said

"No but that's not the point, I think Scott's the only one that didn't ask me when I met him" I said

"That's because I already knew" Scott muttered "I heard that" I said whacking his chest as everyone laughed

"So how come you don't have a boyfriend?" Lee asked "I don't want one" I said shrugging

"Bad experiences?" He asked "Mmm" I replied, I did not want to have this conversation right now, my palms began to sweat as I squeezed my hands together. Maisy must of noticed my uneasiness because she said

"You're beginning to sound like a stalker Lee, enough of the questions", I mouthed a thank you to Maisy when the conversation changed. I zoned out of their conversation, lost in my own thoughts of Brian. I got lost in the memory of when Brian attacked me with his computer keyboard. We had just got to his house from a party and he was furious at me for talking to a guy. "Am I not good enough for you or something?" He questioned me "Of course you are, don't be silly" I said "Then why must you test my patient all the time" He said walking over to his computer desk "You talk to girls all the time Brian and I trust you, why can't you do the same for me" I said "You're doing it again, testing my patience, I clearly need to teach you a lesson again" He said picking up his computer keyboard, "No Brian, I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore, I promise, I'm sorry" I said putting my hands up as a barrier "No you must learn" He said advancing on me. I put my hands up to protect my head when Brian swung the keyboard hitting my stomach.

"Isabella, Hello" Maisy said waving her hands in front of my face. I blinked and focused on her

"Sorry" I said giving her a weak smile

"Do you want to go for a walk" She offered

"No I'm fine, honestly, thanks" I said. I stayed quiet when we started tucking into the pizza until Scott started to pick on me.

"Cat got your tongue Isabella or are you just not talking much so that you can eat more" He said

"Don't start or I won't be held responsible for my actions" I said around my pizza slice

"I could take you on" He said "Oh shh and let me stuff my face, I'm hungry" I said dismissing him with a wave of my hand

"Someone needs to take another nap" He said

"Scott" I warned

"I'm shaking" He said laughing, I dunk my fingers in my water and flicked water at him, "Hey, this sweatshirt is expensive" He said pushing my hand away

"Carry on and the rest is going over your head" I said

"It's not my fault that you're being a ganit today" He said. I smiled sweetly at him as I picked up my cup and poured the contents over Scott's head. He looked at me and said "Run"

"You're in trouble now" Fiona said laughing along with everyone else. I quickly got up and backed away from Scott

"Let's not do anything rational now, you asked for it" I said with my hands up in surrender

"And you're asking for it now" Scott said advancing on me. I looked pleadingly at the others but they were shaking their heads and laughing. I quickly glanced at the door before making the decision to quickly run through it. I screeched with laughter as I heard footsteps coming behind me. I ran through the kitchen and prayed that the back door would be unlocked. I tugged on the handle but it wouldn't budge. A hand closed around mine and a chest lent against my back, I looked up to see Scott staring down at me,

"Need some help" He said. I couldn't reply, his closeness left me speechless. He pulled the handle up and then all the way down, and then pushed the door open. I pulled my hand out from under his and placed it on his chest; I stepped out into the garden making sure to keep some distance from us so I could have a head start.

"Thanks" I said before sprinting off again. As I was going to step onto the grass, I was lifted into the air "No, I'm sorry" I said trying to push Scott's arm off

"Nope, you're going into the pool" He said stepping dangerously close to the edge

"I said sorry" I said "You say that too much, you need to make it up to me" He said

"I'll do anything" I said

"Anything, I'll remember this, I will collect soon enough" He said, I blushed when he put me back onto my feet.

"Why do I always catch you standing too close to my sister" Chris said, I turned with wide eyes and saw Chris standing a few feet away from us

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"No, why are you always standing close to this guy" Chris asked

"Don't start, did mum send you here or something?" I asked

"No, mum didn't send me to get her favourite child, I'm chilling with Jonny" Chris said

"My brother?" Scott questioned

"The one and only" A boy who must be Jonny said appearing to stand next to Chris, Jonny looked like an older version of Scott but with less air and more muscle.

"I didn't know you had an older brother" I said looking at Chris

"I didn't know my brother had a girlfriend" Jonny said "We're just friends Jon" Scott said

"Is that what you kids are calling it nowadays" Jonny said smirking

"Dude that's my sister" Chris said punching Jonny's arm

"Just saying, my bro has good taste" Jonny said, I turned pink again and shuffled on my feet.

"Come on before this conversation turns sour" Scott said lightly taking a hold of my wrist. I let him pull me back into the house, when the door was closed he lent against it and said

"That's all we need, our brothers being friends, let the mayhem begin"

"My brothers a big pussy cat really" I said "I'm sure" He said laughing

"Can I get a drink again, seeing as you're wearing most of my last one" I said with a hint of a smile on my lips

"Enough with the joking, my head can't take anymore of you" He said shaking his head.

After getting another drink we went back to the others, I was pulled back out of the room by Fiona and Maisy before my eyes could focus. "Come on, girl talk time" Fiona said. I followed them up to Fiona's room and got comfortable on her bed. They both sat down and looked at me,

"You like my brother" Fiona stated "Not this again" I said

"You need to stop lying to yourself" Maisy said "I've just moved here guys" I said

"Doesn't mean a thing" Fiona said

"It's too soon" I said looking at Maisy, hoping she would get the double meaning

"So you do like him then" Fiona said "Isn't it obvious" I snapped

"Finally we get the truth" She said in triumph

"Alright enough hounding now, we have our answer" Maisy said

"No, now we need to get past what the problem is and get them together, I know my brother likes you" Fiona said

"No he doesn't don't be silly, I don't want a boyfriend" I said "Why not, you'd be perfect together" She said

"Leave it Fiona" Maisy said "But I don't get why!" Fiona said getting frustrated

"My last boyfriend used to hurt me" I blurted "Oh" Fiona said, shocked,

"Um, yeah, so um, I'm just going to go home now" I said standing up

"I didn't mean to pry I'm so sorry" Fiona said standing with me

"It's fine I just really want to go home" I said squeezing my hands together

"I'll take you" Maisy said pulling my hands apart and holding one "Thanks" I said

"I really am sorry Is" Fiona said quietly.

I went over and gave her a hug"Its fine honestly, I'll see you tomorrow" I said.

I gave a quick goodbye to the boys and then rushed to Maisy's car. Once she had turned out of Fiona and Scott's road I burst into tears. "Whoa, Isabella give me warning next time" Maisy said pulling the car over,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I said wiping my eyes "You have nothing to be sorry for" She said

"I'm so stupid, I can't even handle the thought of another boyfriend" I said

"I think you just need to try and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to put the past behind you, Scott would never hurt you" She said

"I'm just scared" I said holding my hands together again because they were beginning to shake

"All you can do is try, you're already half way there" She said "I need to think" I said,

She nodded as a reply and carried on driving. I mumbled a quick thank you and ran up to my house. I put on a brave face when I said hello to my parents then went up to my solitude of a room. I lay face down on my bed and let the waterworks start again. I don't know how long I was crying for but when I sat up my room was dark. I took a long bath trying to scrub off the dirt that I felt crawling all over my skin. I pulled on the first set of pyjamas I touched and crawled back into bed.