All the times we spent together

All the times we laughed

All the times we were close

You just threw them away

Pretended like they were just figments of imagination

I just don't get it.

After all of our friendship

You still won't even say hi to me

I say keep say "Hi" hoping you'll talk to me just once

Let me tell you that I regret not trying to stop you from destroying the friendship

But since you won't I pretend like it doesn't bother me when you just keep going and ignore me

I need to let it go but I can't

I need to give it a rest but everything inside me tells me to hang onto it

If I ever do get you to listen

I know exactly what I'll say

A/N: Okay, maybe I'm still a little bitter? Oh well. Same person from "Friendship Lost in the Sea."

I think anyone who's read most of my poems would've gotten that without saying but, just in case.

Let me know if you have a better suggestion for a title.