The Power of Your Kiss

You kiss me when I'm happy;
It makes my heart swell.
You kiss me when I'm upset;
My tears it helps to quell.

You kiss me when I'm feeling blue;
It helps to brighten up my mood.
You kiss me when I'm feeling grumpy,
Disrupting my tendency to brood.

You kiss me with abandon,
Setting fire to my blood.
You kiss me with sweet reverence
And I know that I am loved.

But, my dear, I've noticed
Something quite disturbing.
Clever little man,
Your kisses are self-serving!

Last night, for instance, when you burned our dinner.
I'd had a rough day and it set my blood to a simmer.

Yet just as I opened my mouth to shout,
You swooped in, without a doubt;

Silenced my voice with a kiss so chaste
That all the heat drained from my face.

"That wasn't fair," I began to complain,
But you just smirked and kissed me again.

I wanted to argue, I wanted to vent,
But frankly, all my anger was spent.

So listen, you,
And listen good!
When you're not doing
What you should...

Just because your kisses
Cause my heart to skip double
Doesn't mean you can use them
To keep yourself out of trouble!

L. Sherman