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Chapter 1

I ran across the hallway, desperately trying to avoid the mob that would come stumbling out of the classrooms once the bell rang. I was getting closer to the exit when I accidentally dropped my literature book on the floor. I rapidly knelt to retrieve it but when I stood up, it was to late. The bedlam of students was already coming out of the classrooms.

"Shit" I muttered. I was now trapped in a sea of people.

I started to walk, running was impossible now, pushing my way through the path of students that didn't notice my presence. I was drowning in the middle of all the sweaty bodies pushing against each other. Now and then I would receive grunts or filthy comments when I accidentally grazed my body with someone else's.

When I finally made it to the exit, my friends were already there waiting for me. I didn't understand how they did it but they always made it out faster than me.

Sara, the shortest in our group, was leaning on a bench with an excited grin on her face. She had short blond hair, dark brown eyes and a slim body. She was the spark in our little group of friends, always smiling and excited. Grace was sitting next to Sara. She had her head lying in her hand with her eyes closed. Her brown flat hair covered half of her face. She was probably the most quiet in the group, also the most serious. The twins Sam and Sofie were talking to each other, or rather arguing about something I couldn't hear. They were identical. They both had curly dark hair, blue eyes and a tall figure. I approached them, waved hi to everybody and then the five of us started to walk to Sofie's car silently.

"Oh come on guys, you look miserable. Cheer up! We are just a couple of weeks away from graduation!" Sara exclaimed.

" Yes, yes whatever I'm dying. This week drained me." Grace said while she yawned.

Sam, Sofie and I nodded agreeing. That week had tired all of us. Finals weren't due until next week but we had many projects to finish.

"Well yes but, it's friday, we have to do something fun." Sara was smiling like a crazy. She had a conspiracy look, however, neither of us backed her up.

"Ok, let's just stick on doing something calm and relaxing but fun" Sam suggested. We all nodded and decided we would do a sleepover on Sara's house. I would buy the ice cream, Grace would rent some movies, Sam would get the pizza, Sofie got the drinks and Sara would get whatever she thought was needed for a sleepover.

Sam and Sofie lived only a couple of blocks away from my house so they gave me a ride home. We would meet again in four hours at Sara's house. I waved them goodbye from my porch as they drove away. I opened my bag to get my keys but I didn't find them.

"You've got to be kidding me" I mumbled as I remembered I left them inside my locker.

My mother wouldn't be here for at least another half an hour. I groaned and sat on the porch waiting. When I thought things couldn't get worse, it started raining. I got a little wet but I was able to cover myself under the porch. Even though, I could feel the cold air freezing my face and arms.

I decided that I would go with my neighbors, Mr. Harrison and his son. We had known them since I was about 5 years old so I knew I could stay with them until the rain stopped. Also, Mr. Harrison's son happened to be my classmate. I used to play with him when we were little but when we grew up, we drifted apart and we only talked to say things like "hi" or "good morning".

I walked to their blue house and knocked on the door twice before Mr. Harrison opened it.

"What happened to you?! What were you doing outside in the rain?!" Mr. Harrison exclaimed with a horrified look.

" I forgot my keys and my mother isn't home yet" I replied with a weak smile.

"Well, you should've came here instantly dear" Mr. Harrison said with a look of sympathy.

" Matt! Matt! Would you come and help Emily clean herself up?" He shouted towards the stairs.

" I have to head out for my shift, see you later Emily" Mr. Harrison said with a smile.

"Thank you for helping me Mr. Harrison" I responded shyly.

He went outside and I was left alone in the living room. It wasn't long when I heard feet coming down the stairs.

Matt stood on the foot of the stairs staring wide eyed at me.

"Wow w-what happened to you?" He was still staring at me.

"Um, I I forgot my keys." My voice was trembling slightly, I was very very cold.

"And...?" He asked expecting an explanation.

"And then it started raining" I said matter-of-factly.

" Why didn't you come before you got wet?"

I just shrugged my shoulders in response. He chuckled and then grabbed my arm dragging me upstairs.

"Let's get you some dry clothes"

He gave me one of his shirts and a pair of pants. The shirt looked huge on me, but it worked. It was so long it got to half of my thigh and I had to bend the sleeves to be able to see my hands. However, the pants were to big to hold them on my waist. I got out of the bathroom with only the shirt on.

When Matt saw me his eyes grew wide for the second time of the day. He rose his eyebrows questioningly.

"The pants were to big" I said dryly.

"Hmmm, well, lets go downstairs to dry your jeans" He said walking towards me taking my jeans and then walking away to the stairs.

By the time my mother arrived, my jeans and shirt were dry. I only putted my jeans and kept Matt's shirt on.

"Thanks for the clothes Harrison" I told Matt with a small smile before walking to my house.

"Any time Thompson" he shouted back smiling.

I had barely taken a step inside the house when my mother started complaining about how irresponsible I was. Somehow after 5 minutes of this, she had managed to get to how ungrateful I was and how I should help her more with the house and get a job.

It was always like this.

It used to bother me to the point that I would lock inside my bedroom and cry for an hour. It was just too painful to hear my mother talk that way about me when I worked so hard to improve myself. I got good grades at school, I helped her with the cleaning of the house, I didn't get into trouble and I tried to seize everything she gave me so it didn't go to waste. I was always there for her when she was sad or worried or when she stayed up late because of work. I am not perfect, I do have flaws, probably more than an average person but I tried to be the best version of me for her. Apparently, that wasn't enough for her.

Eventually I got used to that idea and just carried on with my life.

I took a shower and got ready for the sleepover. I packed some things for the night and headed out waving goodbye to my mother while she was talking on the phone with her boss. She didn't even ask where I was going, I would call her later to tell her about the sleepover. It wasn't a big deal anyway, I was 18 so she didn't have to worry too much about me.

I walked to a store near my house to buy the ice-cream and then got a cab to get to Sara's place.

The others were already there when I arrived. Sara's parents were out of town so we had the house to ourselves.

We spent a fun and relaxed afternoon watching movies and eating ice cream and pizza. It was 1am when we started watching The Notebook. Sara scared us all when she suddenly started speaking almost unable to contain her excitement.

"It's time for us to play Truth or Dare" she said.

We all sat in a circle and Sara got one empty soda bottle and whirled it in the middle. When the bottle pointed at me she asked:

"Truth or Dare" She had a malicious look on her face.

" Umm Dare" I replied.

She squealed happily and said:

" You have to kiss the next boy that comes knocking on my door while we are playing the game" she had a huge grin on her face.

I wasn't worried about the challenge because who would ever go at that time of the night to Sara's house?

Grace had told us a truth about her relationship with her boyfriend and Sofie had licked the floor when we heard a knock on the door. We all stayed motionless except for Sara that stood up running and squealing.

"I knew he would come" she said looking at me. Then she turned and went to open the door. Who was she talking about?

"Hi! Pff I came here as soon as possible, is everyone ok?" You had to be kidding me. What was he doing here?

"Yes, yes don't worry we are fine but would you come inside to help Emily? She has to do something urgently." What was this about?

"Um yeah sure" Matt answered with a hint of doubt on his voice.

They walked inside Sara's living room. We all said hi to Matt and then he walked towards me. He had a bewildered look.

"How can I help you Emily?" I was sure I heard some humor in his tone. He sat in the couch next to me.

I turned to Sara questioningly and she just mouthed " your dare". I guess it didn't matter if I kissed him, we weren't even friends.

"Actually, I just wanted to do something" I told him with a flirty voice.

I leaned closer to him, closed my eyes and lightly pressed my lips to his. He was evidently shocked since he froze the moment I touched his lips but a second later he recovered and softened his lips to kiss me back. That was certainly something unexpected. He had plump soft lips and I got carried away by the sensations I was feeling. He laid his hand on my cheek and I pulled him closer with both of my hands on the back of his neck. Someone cleared its throat bringing us back to reality. He broke away from the kiss and rapidly stood up. We were both blushed.

"I-I'll see you on monday" he mumbled looking at me and then he turned and left the house before I had time to reply.

"Wooooooooooooow" Grace, Sofie, Sam and Sara said in unison.

"What the hell was that?!" Grace asked.

"I have no idea" I replied, still flustered.

"Sooo... You like him" Sara said with a satisfied expression.

"It was only a kiss!" I told her. The four of them exchanged glances with incredulous eyes.

"Yeah right... You were allover each other." Sofie added and the others nodded in agreement.

"Let's just go to sleep, its quite late" I would forever be grateful with Sam for saving me with that.

We were all fast asleep, however, the only thing in my mind before drifting away, was the sweet touch of Matt's lips against mine.