Dear Alexander,

Words cannot seem to describe, my feelings within, my feelings inside.

You are a sunny day, in the bitterness of winter's frost

I am quite happy that I feel that way.

You make me feel like every day is precious, it is such a blessing.

You are a blessing, my heart never ceases caressing.

Blissful, I whistle as these these words take form.. As I try and decribe you, though you are a work of art.

You are a major part, of my words, and of my mind.

You are a rare ingenuity, a smile I never cease to find.

Dearest Alexander,

Do these words do you justice, in the least bit?

I keep second-guessing, and doubting how this sounds in its entirety.

Because you are brighter than a shooting star,

Whether near or far.. My words attempt to reach out and captivate you from afar.

I sometimes think to myself.. How lucky I am.

Because of this gentle solitude, and of space and time.

My mother told me, "timing is everything."

And now it is plain to see, because timing and fate played the ultimate role..

Of joining you and me.

sincerely yours,

-Nicole (FeatheryFlow)