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Chapter 1: Introducing Our Characters!


Name: Mali Pondelik.

Nickname: N/A.

Age/Gender: Twelve/female.

Likes: Sports, money, and sewing.

Dislikes: Bullies, cliques, and pollution.

Brief Personality: Competitive, independent (doesn't care what others think or say about her), and an environmentalist.

Brief Description (Looks): Short, wavy, raven streaked hair, a creamy brown, flawless complexion, and dark viridian eyes that shine with playful mischief. Mali is naturally very willowy, and thin, though not underweight.

Family/Friends: For family, Mali has two younger twin brothers and one older sister who is graduated from college. She is the middle child. For friends, Mali has a best friend named Illiana. They're like sisters.

Normal Human Abilities: Mali is a brown belt in most kinds of martial arts, the belt before master, the black belt. She's a dedicated gymnast, and is very flexible. In her spare time, she practices ballet.

Supernatural Power(s): Mali Pondelik can communicate with any animal in the world, turn invisible for a maximum of thirty minutes each interval, she can fly, but even she gets tired after awhile, and Mali can read surface thoughts.

History: Mali grew up in Allenhurst, New Jersey, a very small and peaceful town, and never spoke to anyone outside her immediate family until her father was killed by a rampaging bull, and her mother grew isolated with grief.

Other: Mali Pondelik is Native American, and is proud of her heritage.

Name: Illiana Rothchild.

Nickname: Ana (Ah-nuh)

Age/Gender: Twelve/female.

Likes: Watching how people interact with their daily surroundings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Smeagol, and laughing.

Dislikes: Conceited people, cowards, brats, especially SPOILED brats, and heavy criticism.

Brief Personality: Illiana is quiet around people she doesn't know, because she's shy. She is weird around her best friend for life, and almost sister, Mali, and isn't embarrassed to act like herself around people she knows and feels comfortable with. She likes using sarcasm and dry humor.

Brief Description (Looks): Illiana has the palest skin you'd ever see on a person. She has golden-whitish curls that wind down like a vine and curl, settled around her waist, and she has faint, sparkling blue eyes that look nearly silver when she's sad or mad, and almost always wears a bubbly, crooked, half-grin. Illiana Rothchild is slender and on the short side. She's three inches shorter than Mali Pondelik.

Family/Friends: Illiana is an only child, as her father passed away due to a heart attack on her third birthday, and the fact that her mother can't have kids, and wouldn't even if she could because she loved Illiana's father so much, that remarrying would destroy her.

Normal Human Abilities: Illiana can make anybody smile or laugh just by being her weird old self, but rarely shows it due to her childhood bullying. She also can whistle fairly well. She can also make anybody leave her alone by singing; she's so off-tune that her antagonists usually run away, clutching their ears.

Supernatural Power(s): Illiana can travel through shadows, use telekinesis, and change her appearance by touching people. Her appearance of the person she touches lasts for twenty six minutes.

History: Illiana grew up as a lonely, anti-social child who was bullied all through her elementary years and halfway through her first year of middle school, fifth grade, until a light was shone in her dark, cold life. A new girl had moved to Allenhurst in March of her fifth year of school, and the two girls immediately became best friends forever.

Other: Illiana is British. She was born in London, England, but her and her mother moved to New Jersey after Illiana's father passed away, after her third birthday.