When you see him
Your world stops.
Your stomach gets butterflies.
Your words can't come out.
Your prior thoughts disappear.
Your conscience leaves.
You become mindless.
And hopelessly devoted.

Everyone else disappears.
He becomes the only one in you world.
He becomes everything to you.
He is part of you, your second half.
But he doesn't know that.

You act awkward.
You act unnatural.
You act like a different person.
You want his attention.
You want him to realize that,
You exist.
You're there.
You know he's there.

You purposely raise your vocal volume,
So he would notice you.
So he would know that you haven't become a wreck.
So he would realize you existence.
So he would see you.

Have you ever thought that he noticed you before you did?
But then, you realize:
He didn't.
He'll never.
He doesn't even know you anymore.

But for you,
Just seeing him.
Just hearing his voice.
Just being around him.
It makes you happy.

You realize that he's still in your world,
From the beginning.
Since you met him.
Since you fell in love with him.

Then, you realize,
You still notice him.
You still think about him.
You still never got over him.
You're still in love with him.