To my absolutely beautiful son Levi

You came to me when I was not yet a grown up, and I still am not. But what you brought into my world words can never express. You, my little prince, are my single biggest success. The love for you I didn't know could ever be, but now that you're here, you've shown to me just how easily I put aside my selfish needs, my life, my pride.

For you anything I'd give, even myself just so you could live in happiness and bliss forevermore. My son, my love whom I simply adore, nothing compares to this feeling inside. So complete you make me. Nothing matters more to me but you. Our years together have only been just a few but it feels as though I've never lived a day without you in my life.

I have no doubt I knew and loved you before you arrived into my life like a dream, how great it is to be alive. I'll strive each and every day to give all I have to make you happy in every way. For the world you're my center, my entire life spins around this sweet little son of mine, within him I've found this courage inside me I didn't know even existed. But now that you're here, every day I'm uplifted. I push harder each day so to make you proud, to be all that I can be so you can say it out loud:

"My mommy loves me more than anyone else. She never cares about anything before me, not even herself. I am so glad to be her son and thankful always. She makes me feel like a gift and tells me in so many ways how much he adores me, and she could never regret that I was born when she was not even all grown up yet, and still isn't. She says I was given to her from angels above, because God felt only she could teach and show me about love, because she has this heart of gold and the soul of a warrior, that's what I'm told. So God chose her for me to protect and raise, and to Him for giving me her I will always praise. She says I'm her prince and to me, she will always be the most beautiful mommy so I''ll call her my queen."

I love you Levi with all my heart and soul. We will one day get past the people being mean to us for me being a preteen mother. I promise.

From your proud 11 year old mother Madeline Rose Beaver.

I gave birth to Levi at 8 years old. Please review, it means a lot.