In the drifting mists of space there lies the spectral aura that is the Merionic Cloud. A mashing of space particles and forgotten stars, it spins itself lazily in a dance of gradual destruction. Calm and ever moving, the void hangs in the black like a suspended sea. Floating above this is a small galaxy that consists of three planets and one very strong yet relatively new star. The planets, like little storms, rage and burn in their unstable excitement. Fueled by the extreme energy of their sun, they are youngsters in the vast endlessness of time and space. Though they are yet too immature to wear the stable skins of a permanent crust, the Juniper moon, one of seven of the furthermost planets, has managed to find its way to security. It's a tiny little thing, and has only been around for a fraction of a solar life time, but through its stability, it has made, like so many before it, the beautiful and complicated journey to supporting life.

Juniper is approaching its five-millionth cycle, and contrary to all means of reason, the civilization that has developed there is thriving. In itself, the tiny moon is a living miracle. Whatever complicated mix of events and anomalies that had to come together to animate such a small and inexperienced surface is a mystery. For through some matter of inexplicable circumstances, Juniper has not only found life, but is somehow managing to provide it. From somewhere in its core an energy is filtered, and has brought life to the surface at such an alarming rate that it has caused many to believe that it should have destroyed itself in the process long ago. And yet something keeps it stable. The moon must heal itself in a constant cycle, a perpetual flow of its regenerative energy is then emitted from the surface, causing it to thrive with healing properties that has earned Juniper its valued reputation.

Through countless years many have sought to stand upon its soothing soil. Caravans and fleets of vessels trekked across the widest reach of the galaxies to witness for themselves the gift that the moon offers, though not all who sought it were successful in their hunt. Those that did were always welcomed, granted sanctuary for their time to be treated, and then sent along their way. But visits from alien ships grew to be more dispersed as time went on. The mass of the Merionic is drifting, and it pulls the little galaxy along with it, far into the deeper extensions of space. Because of this its location is never fixed. Juniper has become a roaming treasure, afloat in an endless sea. Rumors of its gift still hang around the legends of drifter colonies, and the memories of reminiscent explorers. But many have given up trying to follow its path.

Unbeknownst to their movement, the people of Juniper haven't seen the same plentitude of alien guests as they once did in the days of old. Now only a few wounded stragglers or absentminded explorers will enter their atmosphere, coming and going every hundred years or so. Still, just as it always was, each and every guest is treated with the same hospitality as before. It is in their nature to care for the wounded and sick, as it has been from the beginning and as it will always be, even as they are led unknowingly deeper and deeper into the void. The healing moon of Juniper continues to create life as it's steered onward on its oblivious journey, forever pulled around the rotation of a peculiarly vibrant start, and above the mysterious spectacle of an ever churning sea as the self-destructing Cloud carries itself into oblivion.

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