The zoo

Lion go roar!

The zoo certainly isn't a bore!

Theres Lions, and Zebra's, and Chimpanzee's!

More creepy crawlies than the eye can see!

Parrots and Toucan's, Birds of prey,

Giraffes and Elephants, Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Penguins and panda's, they're there too!

There's even a kangaroo and her roo! :)

Snake go slither along

And birds will sing their song

Frogs, spiders, ants and bugs,

centipedes and even slugs!

All of these you can find at the zoo

You could take your friends with you too!

All of your faces shine with delight

until the zoo has to close for the night.

Night Night Grizzly Bear,

Night Night Polar Bear,

Night Night Kangaroo,

Night Night little Roo!

Night Night Tiger,

Night Night Spider,

Night Night Children,

All tucked up in bed,

Ready for the day ahead.

But shhh! The snake is trying to sleep.

Night night :)