Decided to upload all of my... drabble things to Fictionpress.

19 chapters is sort of a lot? But none of my entries go past 200 words, so it's not really? My phone was buzzing a lot as I uploaded them. I made a new account, so I shouldn't have anyone subscribed to me.

I doubt anyone will subscribe to me anyway. Who would want to read about my life? This was sort of really dumb. Really, really dumb. 365 entries about some nothing person? I'm no Anne Frank. I'm not battling a drug addiction like in "Go Ask Alice". I'm just sort of weird and mostly boring.

The only cool thing is that I'm an artist, but I don't think I've written much about that. If you're reading this, why? Don't you have better things to do? Like... the laundry? The dishes? Rearranging your furniture? Getting your eyeballs scooped out?

Ew, ok that last one was graphic. I'm sorry for that.