Nuts, insane, psycho,

You are crazy those words I hear alot,

Go seek professional help,

You belong in a mental institution.

These are things I hear alot,

Until I begin to believe them,

Those words because my mind doesn't work right,

Bipolar, OCD, Scitzophrenzia? Its gotta be something.

Some reason I think the way I do,

Over analyze, say crazy things, obsess over the little things,

To Be paranoid of people, untrusting to the point of extreames.

Something is wrong with me.

I am not sane,

But then again neither was she,

The one who further tested myself and my sanity,

The one I got close to and only knew eight days.

The one whose whispering words saying "I love you, babe." spawned another obsession,

Spawned another raging deppression,

We both tried to end everything two years ago,

And now I have ended another friendship by the stupid things I do that end up creeping people out and ending great friendships.