Chapter 1


It was a rainy day in Jacksonville, Florida, Mark and I were going to the talent show at the theater.

My name is Will and I'm 12 like Mark. My friend Mark is clever with dark hair and blue eyes. He's scared of most things that are normal to be scared of. We looked nothing alike, but we were still friends.

When the talent show started, Mark asked me, "That clown looks familiar. Didn't we see him 5 years ago in the woods?"

"I don't remember him." I answered, looking baffled.

Suddenly, the mysterious clown burst into smoke. Everybody clapped except Mark. He looked worried.

When the smoke cleared, there was a man standing on the stage. He unsheathed a sword out of a leather sheath and stabbed it into the ground and the ground erupted.

Mark got so scared, he accidently set fire on the man with his finger. The man wailed, disintegrated, and then became pieces and particles of sand.

Everybody just stared at Mark. So he ran away into the forest.

"Mark, wait up!" I shouted.

He slowed down and took a ragged breath. "Did you see what happened?"

"Yeah, but how-" My words were interrupted when a boy ran into us.


I was running in the woods, searching for a golden key to get into the fort. Guards were surrounding the fort to make it look like a long fence. The fort itself was huge. Inside it was a gold banner that I had to get for my team. Shwooooooooosh! An arrow embedded itself next to a tree near me. More arrows flew. I summoned wind and flew away from them, and then I slid onto the ground and ran. I had the urge to look back, so I did. That was my mistake. Suddenly, I crashed into something and fell. Dazed, I tried crawl away. Then everything went dark.


Something crashed into us. It was a boy who was in full armor with a sword on his belt with a clip on it. He looked as the same age as me, and he had dark hair with a dazed look on his face. I was too scared to touch him, so Will did. The nearest building was a fort, so Will propped him on his back and we ran towards the fort.


As we ran toward the fort, arrows and trip arrows flew. We dodged as many as we could. Mark tried to light up a fire, but it didn't seem to work. An arrow hit my shoe, and suddenly it felt numb. I almost dropped the boy, but I kept running. I wished that the arrows would stop shooting. Suddenly, all the arrows froze in the air. Not one arrow was falling down or moving. At the corner of my eye, I saw a golden key. I walked to it and picked it up. Suddenly, I was whisked into a large room. "The fort," rasped the boy,"we're here."


When I opened my eyes, I was in the fort. I surveyed my surroundings. I was behind a column. Two boys were at my side. "The fort," I said, "we're actually here." The boy at my right glanced at me the turned back. Then I saw it. It was the golden laurel. I unsheathed my sword and ran out behind the column. I summoned wind for the second time of the day and blasted the two guards. Surprised, they flew back and crashed into the wall. I pulled the laurel to me with wind and grabbed it. It shined a light from the very tip to the sky. It was a victory to me, but then it died. Then more guards erupted from the doors. Just when I was about to surrender, they all stopped. So, I ran with the two boys following me back to my team's fort. As I ran into the fort, everybody cheered.

"How'd you do it?" my friend Kevin asked.

"I would've died if the guards didn't stop," I answered.

Suddenly, a boy that I saw that was with me at the fort said, "I did that. I think I have power over time."

"No way! I thought the only person that had power over time was the Praeceptor!" I exclaimed.

"No, power over time is rare, and there are only about 20 people in the world that have this power," Kevin objected.

"By the way, my name is Will," said the boy.

"My name is Henry," I replied.

"My name is Mark," said the other boy that I saw that was with me at the fort.

"Hi Mark, what power did you think you got?" I asked.

"Probably fire, since I saw him light up in flames," Will answered.

To prove that he was right, Mark lit up a flame on his index finger. It sparked, and then it died out.

"Oh yeah, I have the power over wind," I informed them. To prove I was right, I lifted a pencil with wind and made it float to the door.

A loud gong sounded, and everybody shuffled to their cabins.

"Come on, I got two spare bunks for you guys," I told them. We walked on the path that led to our cabins.