Chapter 8


I woke up to a bunch of pain.

"Ouch!" I yelled as I propped up my arm. It was probably one of the places that got smashed by the thieves when we were preparing our assault.

I winced as I climbed up. I was in a house. I saw a bathroom with a shower, some tables, and a night table. "Will!" I shouted.

"Coming!" he yelled from another room. I heard thumping noises as he ran towards me. "Jeez, you didn't have to be so loud."

"Where are we?" I questioned him.

"In the trunk," he replied casually.

"What?" somebody exploded behind us. It was Mark.

"Dude, relax, it could fit the whole world inside," Will said.

We got up from the bed and climbed down the ladder that was below a trapdoor that was below my bed. I noticed there weren't any regular doors out.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. It was really awesome. There were a lot of doors with labels on them like: Swimming Pool, Gym, Bedroom (Mark), Bedroom (Will), Bedroom (Henry), Kitchen, Living Room, Computer Room, Storage, and TV. I saw a label in front of the long hallway labeled Main Hallway. The 'doors' were really trapdoors with ladders hanging from them.

Mark opened a door labeled Kitchen and we went inside. Inside had refrigerators with everything in them, spiral staircases went up to dining room floors, the dining room's floors were glass. There were also advanced ovens, toasters, and pots and pans. It really all was a spectacular sight.

I went up to a refrigerator and pulled out some cheese, macaroni, chicken, carrots, celery, and noodles to make macaroni and cheese with chicken noodle soup.

I first cooked the chicken, carrots, celery, and noodles in a pot with water, and then I heated water, macaroni, and cheese.

When they were finished being cooked, I found that I'd made 3 servings. I decided to share with my friends.

"Delicious!" Mark exclaimed.

"Wow!" Will stated.

I smiled. I really liked cooking. I took a spoon from the side counter and tried some of the chicken noodle soup.

It really was delicious. It tasted like chicken melted into vegetables with the soup as its flavor.

I decided to try my macaroni and cheese. It also tasted good. Creamy cheese dipped in soft macaroni; I bet no one could resist that luscious flavor.

I finished eating the meal and went to the Supplies room by climbing down the trapdoor ladder and heading there. I found the label Supplies on a door and went in.

There was the chest and my pack. I slung my pack over my pack and ran to the trapdoor labeled Kitchen. I climbed up the ladder to join my friends.

While I was waiting, I decided to research more on Anaconda, Montana. I found out the area was 1,920 km2,or 741 square miles. Its elevation was 5,335 ft. and its average climate was 43.0 ° F.

As I was finding what fields they had, Mark went over here and set up his laptop. It seemed like he was going to play a game on there.

I decided to just ignore him and keep on researching. I went to the icon that said Fort Corden which the praeceptor uploaded to our computers. I press login and login to where she told us what to do.

It seemed like I was supposed to go to this website that she created that was a stealing simulation for when we were to steal the mace.

I tried it out, but it wasn't that easy. I tried it more times, and I was starting to get the hang of it. When Mark got up to go to the restroom, I followed him and took his sword that could be retracted down to its hilt from his pocket.

The good part was that he didn't notice me.

The bad part is that he noticed after I stole it. He started chasing me with a flaming sword and I had to defend myself. I ran and cast an invisibility spell on myself using an enchantment wand. He looked around for me, so I slipped a note in his pocket with my newfound stealth ability.

The note said, "Sorry about taking Igniter. I just wanted to practice my stealth skills from the simulator the praeceptor gave me. -Henry"

I snuck back to the living room and started playing my simulator. After ten minutes, Mark came back and set up his laptop again.

An hour passed. I decided to stop.

"Mark let's quit." I said to him, "We should practice fighting in the gym."

"Okay." He responded. He closed his laptop and put it in his pack.

"Listen, did you see Will?" I asked.

"I think he went to the supplies room," he answered.

"Okay then, let's just go." I said.

We climbed down the trapdoor ladder and went towards the door labeled Gym. It was bigger than I expected. I grabbed my sword. In case of if you hadn't known the name of my sword, it's Sentinel. It's named after Monster Hunters. Mark grabbed his sword, Igniter from its sheath. It was three feet and quick and light. Mine was four feet and had a good attacking and defending range. I grabbed a fire proof shield and Mark grabbed a very heavy shield.

I struck first. I flew across the gym, slashing my sword at a perfect angle. He barely deflected it off the tip of Igniter. He shot a flume of fire towards me, and I blocked it with my fire proof shield. He slashed at me, and I blocked it. He stabbed at my side, and I twisted it, locking it.

He pressed forward. He's getting pretty good at this. Suddenly, he twisted his blade and disarmed me. My sword clattered away. He pointed the point of Igniter at my throat. Desperately, I thought of the lessons with shield defending. I feinted my shield in a motion that knocked his stomach, and then I pressed the point of the sword away.

This confused him for a second. He slashed at my head. I blocked it. I suddenly realized that he was faking it. He swiped at my legs, and it made a 'clang'. I was wearing armor, so that was no surprise. I surprised him by shooting a gust of wind at his chest, and he blew back. I ran to collect my sword. He quickly ran towards me and slashed across my chest. I was wearing no chest plate, so it stung like crazy. He pushed me over. I looked at my right hand and noticed it was holding my sword.

I swung it at his shin, but he deflected it. He blasted fire at my face, and I blocked it. This kept going on for a while.

Finally, he disarmed both my shield and sword and he had me on my back. I heard someone clapping. It was Will.

"Great job, Mark!" he exclaimed, "While I battle Mark, Henry can go wash himself."

I decided to go with the plan. First, I went to my bedroom. I cleaned myself in the shower and got a couple of healing orbs out. Healing orbs looked like traveling orbs except they were smoother. I rubbed it on me. As if by magic, my cuts started to heal. Pretty soon, my cuts only left white streaks.

I went down into the arena, hoping I could battle Will. I've never battled him before, so it seemed like neither of us would win. Since he knew how to do Actions and stuff, then I suspect he would beat me.