I woke up at four in the morning to get ready for school, just like every other morning. I picked out my outfit and my shoes. I did my hair and make up.

Maybe Mr. Warner will let me in his classroom and the Winstead Crew wont bother me.

The Winstead Crew. Those words brought tears to my eyes. The Winstead Crew: Three girls. The leader: Ashley Winstead, and the followers: Fiona and Nicole Harper. They were the popular girls. Spray tans everyweekend, nose jobs every year. They bullied everyone who didn't meet the potential of bing popular like them. Their number one target: Quinn Summerson, me.

I'm average. I'm short and skinny. I have blue eyes and deep red hair. My dad calls me "Ariel" sometimes because I look like the little mermaid. Just not as perfect I guess. I make average grades. I have average friends. I'm average.

I finished getting ready. I told my dad goodbye and got in my "average" car. It was five in the morning. The janitor would be the only one there, and he'd let me in. The janitor gets me. He knows why I come early.

I pulled up at the school and walked in.

"Hey Joe," I said as I passed the janitor sweeping the floor.

I walked up to my locker and got my things. Then I finished my homework and talked to Joe. By the end of that stuff, it was seven o'clock. Teachers get there.

Time passed, and the students got there. Regular morning routine. Go hide in the bathroom once Mr. Warner says no. I walked in the bathroom and sat on the floor. Doing this every morning killed me.

I never told my dad I was getting bullied. He often asked me why my books or clothes were torn. I'd say I fell.

"Ha! I swear she needs a nose job. Oh! Look who it is!" Ashley walked in.

"Hey Ashley," I said.

"Get her."

Fiona and Nicole ran to me and pushed me over. They grabbed my bag and tore everything out. When they came to me, time froze. All three of them were turned upside down and dangled from the air, screaming. The conductor of this nonsense stood behind them. She was a little bit taller than me, with long blonde hair. She had a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and converse on. She was standing there with her hand out. There was purple light coming from it, obviously holding the girls up. The girl dropped them and they ran off.

"If they ever bother you again, let me know," the girl said.

"Sure, who are you?" I asked.

"Piper Benson. You?"

"Quinn Summerson. Are you new?"


"I could tell. Nobody who's been here has the courage to stand up to those brats," I growled.

"Really? Wow. They're weak."

"That's because you magically lifted them into the air! What was that anyways?"

"That? Nothing."

"It was something," I said.

"I'm... different. Don't say anything to anyone," Piper warned.

"Fine. Does this make us friends or something?"

"That depends. Are you going to make a big deal out of my... talent?"

"You can't blame anyone who has never seen something like this before. No. I won't make a big deal."

"Good," Piper said.

"Yeah. So, where's your first class?"

"Mr. Wornar."

"You mean Mr. Warner? Me too," I laughed.

"Yeah. Is he scary?" Piper asked.

"You just asked that question. The girl who lifted three of them in the air without touching them. I'm sure he'll scare you to death."

"I'm not an alien. I have feelings."

"I know that."

We approached our lockers.

"Hey! Yours is right next to mine! Sweet," I said.

"Yeah. Now you can help me with my books and stuff."


We walked down the hall to our first class.

"Ms. Summerson, you're late. Who's this?" Mr. Warner asked.

"I'm Piper Benson. I'm new."

"Yes. Take a seat girls."

We sat and he continued teaching. Me and Piper were teamed up to study some kind of chemical.

Piper flicked her fingers and the chemical boiled.

"Hey! Stop," I warned her.

"What? Never had fun?" she asked.

"Not in this class, no!"

She laughed and we got through. We went to our next classes and got out for lunch.

"That algebra teacher saw the textbook page turn by itself. She thinks she's gone crazy," Piper laughed.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked while we passed through the line and sat down.


"Do you want your cover blown?"


"Your "talent". You know that it's going to get exposed if you aren't careful."

"If they saw me, anyone they told would think that they were going crazy. Trust me."

"Not sure about that," I growled.

"Stop being so bland," Piper laughed.

"Me? No flavor? Nah."

We both laughed.

"See? That, Quinn, is called laughing."

"Shut up."

We left lunch and went to the rest of our classes. At the end of the day, we met eachother at our lockers.

"I need to ask you something," Piper said sounding serious.

"Yeah?" I said.

"If you help me protect my talent, I'll protect you from the bullies."

"That wasn't a question."

"Yes, it was. Answer."

I smiled.

"Deal. But you've gotta play your part, and I'll do mine," I warned.

We walked out into the warm air and walked to our cars which were three cars down from eachother.

"Deal!" she yelled.

We both sped off to our houses, thinking about this crazy relationship mixing average and different.