Eu used to be a denizen of Hell. Her crime: the Ultimate Sin. In Hell, she suffered extreme agony and pain. Then, it all simply stopped. A strange voice called out to her in that hopeless oblivion, and offered her freedom. She took it, and now she lives again, walking the earth as neither Human nor Monster. Her mission? Ensure that every soul bound to Hell get's there. Along with two slaves, the Vampire Loke and the Lycan Howie, she will fulfill her duty. Eu lost her humanity in hell. But, in her tale, will she be able to regain it? and who exactly is the strange voice that brought her back to life? The Devil, Lucifer or God himself? and what plan does it have for her? What plan does it have for all eternity? Will Eu continue to follow the voice, or will she become the Hero she simply refuses to be?

Chapter One: Covenant.

There is a certain sin that one must never commit. Above everything, above lying, stealing, cheating and killing, there is one sin that must never be committed. However, once committed, your soul no matter how pure and innocent, is bound for an eternity of pain and hate. You can never be saved. You can never be redeemed. You are thoroughly, and truly, bound to Hell.


I committed that sin when I was fifteen. I can't remember what era I lived in, or what I had even looked like. That, apart from the eternal agony of fire and blood, was my punishment. I forgot who I was, I forgot who had I even been. I had been, for the longest ,just a part of the vast wave of agony.

Hell is not a lovely place. You may think that you can comprehend it, you may think that what is awaiting those who have turned themselves away from Life is a silly lake of Fire. You can't begin to understand the things within Hell. And I myself cannot tell you. There is no law in warning you about what Hell is about. It just simply can't be understood. Just understand that Hell is a place where everything you fear, everything rotten and sick, everything that twists and cuts and hurts you, everything that aims itself to scar you is there. Just understand that, although you may not understand it yet, Hell is already inside you. Don't think about it too much, it may hurt your head.

When I died and left my feeble existence in life, there was no transaction between a 'Light' or whatever. After my crime had been committed, the ultimate sin, I died and when my eyes opened again, I was in Hell. There were no demons, or monsters waiting to skewer me, no, creatures like those are reserved for the living. I was simply apart of an eternity of torment. Yet, this is not why my story is being told. That would be pointless; I can't save you, if you're meant for Hell. I can't save you, and I don't want to save you. Or any one at that.

This story, my story, began of course, in Hell.

There was a voice in that bleak unstoppable torment, a omnipresent unforgettable voice that spoke to me as fire set each and every cell inside me on fire. It whispered to me, spoke to me in a calm soothing voice

"Do you want it to stop?"

"STOP!" was my echo, and for a second, I dipped back in that mindless agony

After that, I wasn't in pain. No, that wasn't right; a part of me was still chained to Hell, still felt wave after wave of pain destroying and rebuilding me, and destroying me again. That pain however was far away, far away enough for me, in a long time, to collect my thoughts. The first time I realized that I wasn't in pain, it felt strange. I tried to collect who I was, remember things about myself, but I found that the memories of who I had been, my very essence was gone, burned away from the millennium that I had been suffering in.

Where was I? I definitely can't say. I was everywhere, yet I was nowhere. That place was a paradox.

"Who are you?" the words falling off my tongue felt strange. I had to remember that I hadn't spoken so calmly in a lifetime.

I couldn't see who had stopped my pain, yet I heard the voice again

"That's not the question," the voice said. It didn't sound angry, or impatient. I couldn't tell exactly what type of voice it was, or what feeling It had in it. It echoed in that empty space, each word forming into existence. I still couldn't see it.

"You," it said "what was your crime?"

"M-my crime?" my words trembled

The vioce did not repeat itself.

"I-I can't remember"

"Millenia in Hell and you still lie. Human, you never change"

"I'm Human?" I whispered. Along with who I had been, I had forgotten that I had been human

"You used to be, Human. You used to be. Now you're just a tortured soul, withering in Hell. You don't even deserve to be called a person" the vioce was empty. It didn't hold any contempt or scorn.

It was unnerving being told that you weren't worthy of being called a Person. But was I? I was so disconcerted. It was all so hazy, remembering things. Trying to grasp existing, being a unique creature, was hard. For so long, I'd just been part of the masses. The denizens of Hell.

"Again, I ask, what was your crime?"

This time I did not lie. Of course I remembered what I had done; of course I knew why I had been in Hell. Of course.

So I told it. What harm could it have done to me? What did I have to lose?

"You" the vioce said "are rare. Very, very few in existence have committed that sin, and none as young as you. What pushed you to do something so horrible?"

That, I couldn't remember.

"I don't know" I replied. The part of me that was in Hell twisted and howled in pain.

It took a while for the vioce to reply. It addressed me with that same disconnected, hollow tone

"Do you wish to be free?"

"Free?" was my reply. Hollow, empty, slow. I didn't feel any joy or hope in the vioce's proposition. I don't think I was capable of feeling those emotions

"You, creature that used to be Human, have spent millennium upon millennium in Hell. You have long forgotten what living was once like. Most of your humanity has been taken from you. You can barely stand within my presence. I pity you."

"Pity?" I echoed

the vioce continued "You died so long ago, at such a young age, for such a large crime. I pity you."

"I don't need your pity" My answer wasn't filled with petty pride. I simply didn't deserve it's pity. Not for what I had done "My crime was the Ultimate Sin. I don't deserve your pity nor do I want it. If that is why you have taken me from Hell, return me, and let me be"
I was lying on that last part. Although I did not feel any pride in my words, there was a wild maddened desire to continue speaking to the vioce, if only it would lengthen the time away from Hell

"On the contraire, you need my pity. For, if you agree, it is I that will take you from the torment and agony and breathe life into you again."

"That's not possible"

"Not possible?" the vioce replied "You, who stand before me, clad in the chains of twisted fate, tell me that it is not possible to bring you back to life and let you walk on Earth once more?"

"I-I don't think anything can bring a denizen of Hell back to life"

"But I am not just anything."

"Then who are you?"

"You do not need to know such a thing." it said and then once again inquired "Do you wish to be free?"

Of course I wanted to be free. Of course I wished to feel life again; I wanted blood in my veins and a beating heart. I wanted to know what breathing was. I wanted to see a sun again, and meet a living breathing Human. All those I wanted. And above all else, I wanted the pain to stop.

But was it possible? Was it possible? And why should I live again? I couldn't fool myself by saying that I didn't want to live again. Yet, there was a tugging within me, tugging because somehow I knew that even if I agreed to live once more, there was a price.

"There is a price" the vioce said, taking the words from my thoughts. "there is always a price. You will live again, be alive, but you will never walk as a Human again. Life just isn't meant for you. You will not be able to be seen by regular mortals. And you will serve me. You will do my bidding"

The vioce's covenant didn't strike me too hard.

"and your bidding?" I asked

For the first time, there was emotion in the invisible creatures vioce

"There is a creature on Earth, a creature so pure and innocent, so full of life that unbalances the settling of things. It is neither Human nor Angel. It is a breed of its own. And as each day goes by, it is saving more and more Humans, keeping them from the clasp of Hell. It is slowly and surely unraveling the balance of existence itself."

"Where did these creatures come from?"

"Not creatures. Creature. It is one being. One powerful, new being. It is unsettling the fabric of fate. It's not part of this existence; it slipped in from another dimension, and it is ruining the state of Time."

"and must I kill it?"

the vioce, now full of absolute glee, said "You can't kill it. Yes, you have been so thoroughly destroyed and darkened. But you can't kill it; killing It would ensure the wrath of Heaven. Your purpose in the new life that you will be given is to counter this creature. You are to ensure that every soul bound to Hell gets there"

"I haven't agreed to such a covenant"

The vioce replied, now back to its insipid monotone, "Will you refuse?"

"I shan't"

It continued

"For serving me, you will be given life. Remember though, that you are forcefully being ripped from Hell. An unnatural occurence. Once alive, you will neither be Human, or Monster. You too will be a breed of your own. If you fail in your duties to me, I cannot return you from whence you came. Heaven will find you, and they will punish you."

"T-they won't send me back to Hell?" for the first time, iron gripped fear wrapped around me

"Heaven will give the ultimate punishment. You will be erased from existence. You simply will never be."

"That is no punishment" I said. Truthfully, how could never existing be a punishment?

"You don't understand. You will never understand. You will just become part of oblivion, simply never being. Oblivion, above everything, is a horrible price to pay."

The vioce's reply meant nothing to me.

"I am to serve you, follow your bidding, and ensure that Hell receives its condemned souls. I will not be Human nor Monster. I will simply be a creature of my own. And if I fail you, Heaven will erase me from existence. That is our covenant?"

"Do you agree?"

"I agree" the words, like all the one's that had transpired between the vioce and I, felt like it always did.

"Your grievance has ended." the vioce said "always recall this conversation between us, and remember your fate if you so fail me in your mission. If you happen to ever come across the creature, you must never speak to it. Once life has been breathed into you again, you will not die, you will be immortal. Now I am to rip you from Hell."

I said nothing.

"Denizen of Hell, tell me, what is your name?"

"I-I can't remember."

"What would you like to be called?"

Names meant nothing to me. I had no need for one. And I couldn't think of any at that moment. Except for one.

"Just call me Eu."

"Eu." the vioce said, and briefly it filled with scorn "what a paradox. Farewell, Eu. Till you live again"

and then, when the last word had been uttered, the greatest pain I had ever felt coursed throughout me. It was like a million tiny steel iron cables were digging into me, trying to rip me in half, shredding me like I was nothing but parchment. Screaming was futile, and it was wasted upon such a cacophony of agony. I was stuck, for what should've been the longest moment ever, between that terrible ripping. No sooner had it begun, though, was it over. I had never noticed its existence before, but bindings upon me broke free, and I found myself tumbling in pitch darkness that I could not see. I didn't know where I was going, I couldn't see anything, but I was falling. And as I fell, something smooth and easy wrapped around me, comforting and simple. It was skin. And inside that skin, I felt blood, pumping throughout my body, my living breathing body. At last, there was a thudding in my center, strong and powerful, and as I felt that thudding, for the first time a smile cracked across my face. And at last, there was joy, breaking throughout me. I wanted to laugh, to whoop and shout and scream, scream with a real vioce, but the falling would not permit it. And so I fell. Fell back into reality.

When the falling stopped, I opened my eyes. Never recalling closing them, I found it entirely too strange. Beneath me, there was something firm and prickly. Everything swayed, and waves of vertigo washed over me. Slowly, I felt hands and feet, arms and legs, and I felt my heart, my very own heart, thudding inside me. Fast, powerful, and unrelenting. As soon as I felt my body again, I rolled over on my back. A soft, milky dark sky met my eyes. Standing in it, the ethereal moon twinkled among the millions of stars dancing in the heavens. It took a while to remember to breathe, and when I did, it came out choked and straggled. Staring at the sky, it finally broke into me, finally settled into my real body that I was alive again, that there was no more pain, no more agony. I was alive, I was breathing, and I was free!

Sitting up, I touched the prickly defiant grass beneath my skin. I rolled in the dirt, relishing in its course texture. I breathed in the air, laughed at the sky, and stood. Standing on two legs again was amazing. I had two pillars beneath me now, two pillars supporting me. I wrapped my arms around myself, and felt gentle skin. Looking down, I saw that I was nude. I wasn't ashamed, for I was happy that I had a body. The body was unnaturally small though, and pale. The bones were fine, and smooth, and the breasts small and round. The torso eased into soft, delicate curves and jutted out in delicate, fine hips. I was a female. In Hell I didn't know what I had been. Something silky tickled my neck and I grasped at it. Pulling it aside, hair fell in fistfuls down to my waist. White, pure hair. I didn't particularly care for the color or the texture. Just as long as it was real. I hugged my body, and moved my limbs. I danced, happy to feel the earth beneath me, and the air going inside me. Happy to know that there was a heart beating within me. It was all so amazing, all so real, and I danced, allowed the tiny body to move freely. I laughed, laughed and howled, glad to be alive.

"Do you enjoy it?"

I stopped, immediately. Around me, there were trees. Large and looming; it took a few moments to recall that I was in a forest. Looking around, my eyes caught a small thing huddled in the darkness. Within seconds, it made itself clear. A cat. A small, black cat gazed up at me. It sat on its haunches, its orbs of yellow staring at my body

"I admit, I quite pride myself on my work with your body."

"You made me like this?" I asked-I already knew who it was. The Vioce was unforgettable.

The cat lazily lifted a paw and licked it "Of course. Who else would've given you such a strange vessel?"

I hugged my body "why am I so small and frail?"

"Eu," the vioce said "I attempted to make you look as docile and simple as possible"

"Simple?" I replied "this is not simple. I look weak."

"Humans cannot see you. What do you fear, Eu?"

I touched the center of my chest "Nothing. I have no qualms with this vessel."

the cat looked up at me again, "You are still new to this world, Eu. Nearly a child"

perhaps my lack of emotion, my apathy,had been because I had not had a physical body. For petty pride swelled within me. I sat before the cat, and tried contorting my facial features into a scowl

"I am old. Older than you may think"

The cat gave a sort of hiccuping laugh "My dear, Eu. You do not understand old yet. Not until you are I."

I gazed at the small creature, its black tail flicking so precariously in the night. It gazed back at me, simple, yet I saw it in its eyes. The same vioce that had spoken to me while I had still been a denizen of Hell, was this cat. And it was ancient. Too old to fathom.

It's tail flicked while it continued "even if you claim to be old, you have been dead a long time. Longer than you think. The world has changed, quite a bit. Mankind has moved, reached new heights. Their arrogance and pride push them even higher. They are moving at a pace much faster than you will be able to adjust too. Therefor, I am offering you slaves"

The prospect of slaves did not entice me. Nor did it dampen my emotions. It was simply a fact.

"I recall you saying Humans can't see me" I pointed out

"They are not Humans. They are monsters abiding beneath my bidding. I give them to you; they have existed in this world for quite some time. They will aid you"

"Where do I find them?"

the cat stood, and stretched its small limbs. It gave me a lazy look, and turned "They will come to you. When the time is right, your first victim shall come to you as well. And then, your service to me shall begin."

I said nothing as I watched the cat leap into the underbrush and disappear. I sat on the grass, my joy and happiness gone.

Your first victim shall come to you.

I had committed a sin, a sin that had sent me to Hell for millennium. Now I had been freed, under circumstances. I did not know who The Vioce was, nor did I know what kind of plan it had for me. For the first time, I wondered, if aside from being used to condemn souls to Hell, if the strange being that was the vioce had another plan for me. What exactly was it? What exactly did it do? Was it Lucifer of Hell? Or God himself? And why me, of all the denizens of Hell? I touched my chest again, and felt the pounding beneath the flesh. I had no regrets about sending souls to their condemnation. I myself understood the balance of things. If you were meant for Hell, you were meant for Hell. It didn't bug me that my duty was to make sure that others felt the agony and suffering that I had felt. It didn't even prick a sensation in this new found body. I was free, yet I was not free.

There was a rustling within the trees, that broke my thoughts. I looked up; there was no fear in my heart. Why should there be? Humans could not see me, and I could not die.

Two blobs emerged from the forest. One was tall and lean, and as pale as I. It took me a moment to recall what the opposite gender was. I noticed that both creatures emerging from the darkness were male. The pale one again registered as tall and lean. I could not see the rest of his skin, and I realized it was because he wore clothing. Oh yes, people tended to wear clothing; I had forgotten that. He had hair that was pitch black and ruffled, and nearly touched his shoulders, and his eyes were gray. His companion, on the other hand, was not as nearly as tall. He was broader, stouter, and had a darker hue. His skin was creamy brown. His eyes shone with a yellow that matched that of a cats. Compared to his pale companion, his clothing was sloppy and open.

"Is this where the boss said we'd find her?" said the shorter of the two. He looked around, and I sat still. When his eyes settled on me, he startled, and jumped

"Shit! Shit! The boss didn't tell us she'd be naked!"

His tall companion rolled his eyes over to where I was. Laziness. His eyes rolled over me. I stood, which made the shorter male jump even more

"Hey!" he said, the skin on his cheeks turning a bright color. I struggled to recall what it was "Hey, d-don't do that! You're naked!" he turned to his companion and said "Loke! Loke! She's naked"

his companion said nothing. I said nothing. I stared at them, perplexed; then it struck me. Perhaps my nudity disturbed them. I tried to recall a greeting. It was difficult. This language that my tongue spoke felt natural enough, I knew the words well enough, but somehow I knew It wasn't my native tongue.

"Greetings" I said "You may call me Eu."

the startled boy had now turned around. His companion however still stared; maybe my nudity didn't irk him. Maybe his shorter campanion simply had a strict moral problem with it.

"Madame" said the pale male. His vioce was low and husky "They refer to me as Loke. Loke Turpin. And this is my companion, Howie Marsiella. Our Master has ordered us to be your servants." he kneeled on one knee before me "We are to be by your side."

"Tell me" I asked, "what exactly are you?"

The male who had introduced himself as Loke looked up at me.

"I am a vampire, Mistress. My companion, Howie, Is a Lycan"

Something in me echoed. It was strange and disconcerting, like I was being pulled back. This was the first time I had met something other than a denizen of hell.

"Loke!" said the darker boy "man, put some clothes on her!"

"Forgive me, mistress" said Loke, standing "will you permit that I carry you?"

I said nothing, only nodding my head. The vampire leaned forward, and pressed his hand to my naked flesh. In a matter of seconds, he had me cradled in his arms. This was the first contact of flesh and flesh that I had had in centuries. It felt strangely soothing and good. The vampire's touch meant nothing to me. It was simply a touch. A new touch. Something that didn't involve the misery or ache of torture. It was sensational and touching. I quite enjoyed it.

"Howie" said the vampire Loke, "We have retrieved Madame Eu. Let's be on our way"

"She got clothes on yet?"

"What about her being nude displeases you?" asked the vampire

"N-Nothing man. It's just that...the boss could've warned us that she wouldn't even have panties on."

"and if she had, would that have annoyed you?"

"Shut up! I don't need ya being a fuckin' jerk! You're just happy and shit cause you get to hold a naked girl"

Their conversation was somewhat interesting. Yet I tuned them out, and when the male carrying me began to walk, I fell into the lull of his footsteps. My thoughts returned to me, the sudden changes of everything returned to me. The agony, the misery, the suffering had ended. I was real, I could breathe, I could feel. I was touching another being, I could hear my own heartbeat. But at what cost?

At what cost?

Authors Note: Thanks for reading my story. This was actually something I wrote for my creative writing class. My teacher gave us six months to write a short story based on one simple philosophy, and with some inspiration, I pegged Eu. This isn't the original format, because I'm adding to it. I would love feedback, and some reviews. I'm not serious about this story, It's just something to pass the time until I finally complete my main work, Gypsy Tales.