Down any road and around any corner, at certain times, a beautiful little village called 'Guinea Pig Glen' can sometimes be found. This little village is very magical and you never know when you'll stumble across it, as it appears suddenly, at a place it chooses. This could be in your street, over the road from your school or in another country. It only stays visible for a little time and then it's gone again, to re-appear somewhere else in the future.

Some humans have been so curious about this little place that they've tried to work out where and when it will appear. The only thing they know for sure is that it only appears during months when there is a blue moon. What is a blue moon? This is when there is two full moons appearing in the same month, and this doesn't happen very often.

This is a special little town, and this isn't due to its mysterious origins. The inhabitants of this serene hamlet are Guinea Pigs, but they're not your every day run of the mill Guinea Pigs. These Pigs go to school, play sport, heal the sick, shop, cook and just about everything that a human does, they even live in houses.

Guinea Pig Glen looks like any other town. There are houses with gardens and fences, streets with names, a school, sports field, shops and a hospital. The town has been built around a beautiful lake. There is a park, with swings, a slippery slide, see saw and a climbing frame, near one edge of the lake. On the other side of the park is a shaded area that can be used for picnics, parties or hide and seek.

At the centre of this lake is a lush green island, known as Cavy Island. When it's hot the cooling water of the lake brings the Pigs out to swim and play. Sometimes it can get so cold that the lake freezes over, this is when the ice skates come out and they enjoy skating on the lake.

If you can find this mysterious place when it appears, then you're made welcome by its Mayor, Dr Marshall, and given a guided tour. But beware, if you don't leave before it's time for the town to go, as you will have to live in the town until the next time it appears ...