[the struggle]

Chapter III – Adala: Missing

Viktre eventually reached his destination in the Chambers of the Fallen. There were coffins everywhere in any small indent of the hard stone. At the end of the First Chamber, there were a few bedrooms in a room not unlike the one they had lived in before. Steel walls, hay piles covered with a bit of leather and cloth, and a semi-functional alarm clock. Viktre couldn't really tell the time – The alarms were missing full numbers.

Erdmut stared into the room with a content look, "Well, this is your resting place for twelve hours until training commences. I recommend sleeping for most of this time. The tests… Can be brutal at times, especially if you do not follow instructions carefully. So get your rest, it is already close to the beginning of the 21st day of the seventh month." Viktre wanted to ask why he was being so specific, but he refrained from questions.

"Oh, and the instructions will be in English for your convenience. We don't want to waste any time." Erdmut departed and Viktre was finally able to lie down and sleep until dawn.


"The Rebellion, this Uprising, you will fall! The countries of England are a strong people! Germany is no more! Unsalvageable! Learn from your mistakes and save yourself!" – Urich Alexander, leader of the TYX region


Viktre awoke where he had slept the previous night. He tried to fall asleep once more before he had to begin training, but failed. He eventually sat up and did his daily stretching before eventually rising and exiting the room. Viktre was curious about what was in the coffins, but they were nailed shut with wood and steel bolts. He wouldn't be able to peek anyways. He exited the First Chamber and then the Chamber of the Fallen entirely. Viktre forgot how long of a walk this was, and he was breathing heavily by the time he entered the Main Hall.

No one was there except for some bulky man in a wizard-like robe. Viktre felt as if he should wake the man up. He walked forward and gently prodded the man's shoulder. "Sir? Sir? Wake up, sir!" The man didn't even open his eyes half a millimeter. Viktre sighed and walked further down the Main Hall. He heard frantic running a few hundred feet away. Viktre shot forward, looking for someone, anyone. They both were getting close to each other.

Right as Viktre took a sharp turn left, he collided with someone else, knocking both of them back a good five feet. The man he ran into quickly jumped up and ran to Viktre.


Erdmut was standing in front of him, breathing heavily. "Adala… Adala… Adala ist jetzt gegangen!" Erdmut collapsed onto the ground and Viktre was in shock. What was he talking about, Adala was gone? Erdmut had fallen unconscious, and Viktre stood up, looking for anyone else that could explain what Erdmut had just spoken to him.

"SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP ME!" Viktre was calling this as he ran through the different Halls in the underground headquarters. He eventually came across another sleeping guard, and he didn't refrain from screaming in his face. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!"

The guard woke up in a panic with his fists raised. "Was? Was? Was ist los?" Viktre panicked and punched the man in the face, putting him back into a deep sleep. It frightened him to know he could knock out a guard in one punch here.

Viktre took off in different directions for at least an hour before his legs eventually gave out and he collapsed onto the hard stone floor, breathing heavily. He tried his hardest to stay conscious and succeeded, but he couldn't run anymore. The most he could do was a weak jog, but even that wasn't close to enough. He fell on his hands and knees. Erdmut had said… Adala was gone. She must have heard he was here.

Viktre was sobbing quietly on the ground, helpless, and alone. Erdmut was presumably still unconscious. Footsteps rang normally as business went on in the Main Hall, but nowhere near him. His continuous cries for help remained unheard. He would have to wait a while before someone eventually came to his rescue, but hopefully Adala's first. Who knows where she could have gone, or what she could have gotten herself into? The thought scared Viktre to near death.

Could Adala have left because of him? Viktre understood the teenage mind – they want to do their own thing, but this was ridiculous. Liking the same type of folk was one thing – but being in the same rebel organization and then leaving because of it? Once again, that would be ridiculous. Adala wasn't like that. Could she have left because of someone else? Did she not want to be here anymore?

Or… Was she taken?


"The deformation of society is imminent. We must rejoice. Please, end this madness. This is an announcement to the Uprising to surrender. If they do not surrender, there will be a civil war in not just the TYX= region, as this… this disease is spreading to the SSY- and UTL# regions. Please, stop the rebellion. For… for what you have been aiming to achieve. The peace of the new Nation of German-England." – Public Service Announcement, broadcast from Urich Alexander's office, which was burned down by the Uprising 255 days later for "misunderstanding their cause"


By the time Viktre got his strength back to even walk, he knew Adala, wherever she was, was long gone. Viktre wanted to see if Erdmut was conscious. He walked down one of the Side Halls and remembered things about the testing to be in the Uprising. That never 'commenced', in Erdmut's words.

"Hello? Erdmut?" He eventually reached one of the three Main Halls where Erdmut had fallen unconscious, and sure enough there he was, fast asleep and snoring. Viktre ran up to Erdmut and furiously kicked him in the ribs.

"WHOA!" Erdmut awoke quickly and looked at Viktre, attempting to stand again. Viktre offered his arm to help Erdmut up, but the new leader of the Uprising shook his head and put his hand out in a 'stop' position. "I'm fine, sir, just let me compose myself and er, dust my armour here…" Erdmut brushed his hands over his leather armour and clouds of debris flew off, making Viktre cough once more.

"Erdmut, where is Adala? I must know!" Viktre grabbed Erdmut by the collar and looked him dead in the eyes. "I need to know what you did with her."

"Ich tat keine Sache. Adala wurde genommen," Erdmut spoke as he was shaken violently by Viktre.

"In English, you fool!" Viktre was not in the mood to try and translate what Erdmut had just said. German was now not his native language anymore. He resisted a flashback of the war.

"I did not a thing – Adala was taken, and her whereabouts are unknown! I'm so sorry Viktre, we were going to escort her to her cabin today and things just went wrong. This will not happen to you, don't wo-" Once again, Erdmut was shaken violently, but this time he was cut off by Viktre.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME, WE NEED TO FIND ADALA!" Viktre had tears streaming down his pale face by this time. Adala was taken! His worst fear of the war – Adala being taken from Viktre. Erdmut was speechless – He kept stuttering random syllables before sighing and speaking again.

"Adala… Adala may have been taken to the Uprising hostages from the English military that conquered Germany. We know where they are located, but we have been unable as of one month ago to even get within a one mile radius of the camp. It is very similar to those filthy Nazi concentration camps – Auschwitz was one, if I am correct. They are barely fed and when they are, it's usually filled with maggots and worms. They get little to no water. If you do want to save Adala, we must make haste before she falls to malnutrition and/or dehydration in a matter of days." Erdmut's eyes darted around in panic.

"Then let's go! I don't care what you have to do or where you need to go right now, we're going THERE. Get me a goddamn gun and knife. I need some grenades. I want a samurai sword and a flashlight. Maybe some pliers and scissors please, thank you." Viktre looked at Erdmut expectantly.

"We have all of that, but can you carry it all?" Erdmut asked this questioningly, but not doubtfully. Viktre seemed to care about his sister.

"No, but you can." Viktre grinned cheerfully as he walked off into the Armory, leaving Erdmut standing there with his mouth and eyes wide open in shock. "Oh, and don't forget, you're gonna have to tell me which region this camp is in."

Erdmut sighed, "It's not in a region. It's in England." Erdmut laughed and walked off to one of the other Main Halls in the underground headquarters.


"We do not forget the sin of England and how they have brought it here to Germany with them. We will fight to the end!" – Counter-broadcast from Erdmut, in 2016, as the leader and commander of the Rebel Army of the Uprising