August 21, 2010

My summer was average. Really just average. We went to our lake house a few times. Drove to Arkansas to see my grandparents. Slept. Nothing really different from anything that I have done any other summer.

The only thing remotely interesting that we did was sign me up for school. I had gone to a private school for the majority of my schooling, and now, that I about to start my freshman year of high school, my parents decided it was best for me to switch from Sam Houston Prep to North Lake Public High School. I was indifferent about the decision. My two older siblings did the same thing I did. Went to Houston Prep to grade 8, and then switched to North Lake, so I guess the decision was made for me.

I say that I am indifferent about changing schools. I'm lying. I was nervous. All of these new people, and a new environment and everything would be foreign to me. Granted, I wasn't really leaving any close friends. Despite the fact that I had gone to school with the same kids for more than half of my life, I never really connected with any of them. Yes, I was invited to their birthdays, and they got invited to mine, and we exchanged gifts, but nothing really legitimate. I had never spent the night at a friend's house, and a friend had never spent the night at mine. I had friends, but no best friend. The closest thing I had was my sister and my brother.