Chapter 3: Exposed

Previously on Real Lies...

"Well, maybe you changed. People change all the time." Selena replied.

Our conversation basically was that after I dealt with Talon. But, for some reason, I had this gut feeling someone was watching me. Eh, it's probably nothing.

School continued on as usual, but this weird feeling kept me on the watch. Someone is following me, I'm sure of it now. I kept on looking behind my back and occasionally turned around to check if I have to deal with a stalker on my hands. This is where my black belt in karate comes in handy. Hehe, they won't know what hit them!

As soon as I walked around the corner, my ears detected something rustle in the nearby bush. Instantly, I sprinted to that particular bush and cried out, "For the love of sushi!" as I karate chopped the bush.


I dragged the boy by the collar and tied him up around the nearest lamp post. To my surprise, it was Talon Satoshi himself.

"Why in the world would you follow me, idiot?" I incredulously asked while applying pressure to his back through by foot.

"Because... you're intriguing!" He yelled in pain as I dug my foot harder into his spinal cord.

I sighed. "If you wanted to confess, do it the normal way and sing a song or write a love letter! Don't stalk your crush home! Seriously," I shook my head.

His whole face transformed into a bright red tomato. "N-no! I meant interesting!"

I made the tsk-tsk-tsk sound. "C'mon, just spit it out already. You're not escaping for awhile, mister."

"I just wanted to find out how you knew about Clementine," he confessed.

I arched an eyebrow. "And in order to find that out, you have to know where I live?"

Sheepishly, he scratched his blue head. "No, I just wanted to know that just in case."

"In case of what? An emergency?" Sarcasm leaked out of my voice.

"Exactly! Now that you found me, can you please lemme go?" Talon asked nicely.

Reluctantly, I let him go and he gasped for air. "That kick hurt awhile ago, you know," he said while massaging his back.

"I'm not afraid to unleash the powers of a black belt. So, you better watch your back, literally, next time." I advised.

Talon directed his death glare, but I just smile in return. Oh, the fun of annoying people that hate you! It's turning into a fun pastime lately. I can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Hmm... Maybe it's in between! Aha, a new discovery by Carmen Ashitaka!

"Seriously, I'm starting to assume you can see ghosts or something!" Talon shouted as I walked away.

I literally froze on the spot. My dark blue eyes widened in fear and shock as I sprinted back to him and covered his mouth with my right hand.

"Hmm! HMMM!" He tried to squirm outta my hold but I had him trapped.

"How did you know! I demand an explanation!" I screamed wildly as I pulled him to an alleyway.

"Hmm, hmm hmm hm hm hmm," he calmly said in gibberish.

I released him from my grip and for the second time, he stopped to catch his breath. "I just guessed okay! I thought you were gonna kill me earlier, jeez."

"Sorry," I looked down in guilt, "I overreacted big time."

He eyed me curiously. "It's true then," he whispered softly against my earlobe, "You're a ghost whisperer like my grandmother."

His warm breath tickled my ear as he spoke. I lowered my voice into a quiet whisper, "You're grandma can see ghosts too?"

Talon nodded and added, "She also was given a certain task."

"A task?"

Our faces were centimeters apart as we continued to whisper quietly so nobody would eavesdrop.

"Yes, I don't know what it is though. But, I have something else to confess."

I smirked, "So now you're gonna confess your love to me? This better be a good one, Talon."

"No!" He lowered his tone, "I also have special abilities. Rumor has it that my father was cursed and a monster resided within him. Not only when my mother came along that my father's curse was broken."

"What is it?" My dark blue eyes narrowed in suspicion. "You better not be a ghost whisperer like me, mister."

He chuckled lightly, "No, don't worry, I'm not."

"So what exactly are you then? An alien disguised as a human that came to Earth to research? That would explain that abnormal blue hair you've got there, Talon."

"No! I'm..." He trailed off.

"I'm?" I expectantly prodded.

Talon whispered like a ghost, "I can tell when people are gonna die. Like the exact time, date, location, and cause of death. It really scares me sometimes. I also can see someone's full legal name above their heads in glowing red cursive handwriting," he hesitated and pointed above my head, "See, it says, 'Carmen Gwenyth Ashitaka' above your head!"

I waved my hands on top of my head to make sure he wasn't going crazy. I ain't feel any 'red glowing handwriting' above my head! Hm... Maybe only he can see it. Like how I can only see ghosts and spirits. Strange, we actually have something in common that's not really common for an average human being to have. That barely made sense to me in my own mind.

Wait a sec, why does that sound so familiar... My eyes widened in realization and a light bulb turned on inside my once dead brain. "You're like the Shinigami or Misa from Death Note! Except you're not made outta pixels! KYA!"

Talon looked at me like I was a mad woman and slowly took a step backwards. "Are you okay... Carmen?"

I grinned crazily, "I'm fiine! Hehehehe..."

"Are you sure? You're acting like you're high off crack cocaine or beer..." Talon eyed me worriedly.

I hiccuped, "I'm fine! This just happens when ever I talk about anime. Absolutely normal for an anime otaku like me!"

He remained silent before questioning, "Anime otaku?"

"Anime nerd in English, FYI." I informed while hiccuping.

"Guess I'll see you around, later!" Talon waves good bye as he starts running to the opposite direction.

I smile and yell, "See you later!"

Well, that was one interesting day. First, my secret was exposed and I found out that I'm not the only 'abnormally gifted' person in this world! Go me!

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