Six small bottles were all with me. I was on the edge of the death so that I decided I would give them away. In any way it wouldn't give me much help. Inside each bottle was a meteor wish. There were six different colors that referred to six different meanings. And by those wishes, I would give each to the people that needs them most.

I was on the hospital bed and I had prepared for the worst, leaving my family and friends and the people that loved me. It was an accident. I didn't pay attention when I got stabbed repeatedly with a knife. It happened as a result of being such a stubborn girl, for not letting the robber go and held on to my bag. Then I was ignored and it took two hours for the people around to notice me. I thought that I would die that time, but I didn't. Now I'm lying on the white plain bed, with the door closed and only me in this room. It has been three days and I was tired of not giving up.

Then Mom arranged the bottles neatly on the table beside my bed. Maybe she was thinking that it would help me to survive. But I had written a message for each wish and put it inside each bottle. So before I die, my family knows what I wanted to say.

The Red Wish.

To everybody, don't give up like me. If you are struggling through hard times, remember that Luck is always beside you. Don't underestimate it, as it had helped me through many times. But this time, it's my turn to go. So don't go back, keep moving forward and be the person you want to be.

The White Wish

Thank you everyone, for being at my side when I'm sad and depressed. Thank you for being my companions when I'm struggling through hard decisions. And thank you, for trusting me as a daughter, a sister, a friend and a person that I had been for many years.

The Purple Wish

Don't be afraid, I'll be up here missing you too. I'll miss everyone. Even if I died later, don't make yourself hurt just because of me. Be happy for me that I've gotten through my pain. But what's important is, I will miss you all for cheering me up, sharing stories, staying up late together and cooking our favorites.

The Yellow Wish

Dad, be strong. You may be sick, but I know this one will help you to find your cure. The fact is you're staying longer than me, right? Don't give up. You will get well very soon. To people out there who is sick or in pain, get well and with the burden in your hearts, lift it up and you'll feel much better.

The Blue Wish

Believe in your dreams, your ability and yourself. Don't underestimate the obstacles. Learn from it and you will find a better future for yourself. Believe, but not in wrong people or wrong things. When you have got to the highest top from others, you'll find yourself that you could do it because you do believe truly in yourself.

The Green Wish

I have got nothing to say about this one. But this wish is completed, with the Good Luck, Thank You, Missing You, Get Well and Believe. This one is Best Wishes. I hope you have the best of the best, reach your dreams, love and be loved by the people around you and find your special person in time.

- Kayla