We are in a constant loop, until we reach noble status in the Netherworld.

"What is Carlifaism?"

It is the belief in the Twelve Great Prophets and their teachings of the Netherworld and the Great Cycle until we reach Certain Death.

"Who are the Twelve Great Prophets?"

The Twelve Great Prophets are the only beings that are truly immortal. It started six hundred years ago the first prophet; Carlifah the Teacher was born. She crossed through the boundary between the Netherworld and our dimension and saw the Netherworld. She could continue to see through the Boundary and proclaimed the existence of the other land. From there her reincarnations were born, carrying on the work of Carlifaism until Carlifah the Twelfth – the present Carlifah crossed the Boundary and slayed Carlifah the Eleventh thus ending the reincarnations and forever be immortal.

"What is the Netherworld?"

The Netherworld is what lies beyond the Boundary. After we die in the Earth dimension we will be reborn there. We will be reborn through five elements according to you personality; Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Aether. Water means you've died of sadness, fire; you died of anger, air; you died of happiness, and earth; you died of peacefulness. Aether taught by Carlifah the Teacher is the divine element. Only those who have completely acknowledged the belief of the Gods of the Netherworld and had come to complete resolve at their deathbed will be reborn through the element of Aether. When somebody is reborn through Aether which is quite rare will be born into Noble stature as a new born baby and will live a long life of reward and fruitfulness in the Divine Gardens of Valhalla. Either from that the Netherworld is home to all the dead from Earth and the future new souls to Earth, this will be explained under the Great Cycle. The Netherworld is composed of a medieval fantasy like era. From the day you are reborn into the land you'll fight and struggle for the title of Noble stature and residence of Asgard. Beware of other creatures like vampires, werewolves, elves, fairies, witches/warlocks, clairvoyants, mediums, poltergeists/spirits, and dragons which were all once human, but either changed during their rebirth or got infected during their life in the Netherworld. From there you must choose your God/Goddess you choose to pay patronage to and will hopefully reach nobleage without dying.

"What is the Great Cycle?"

The Great Cycle is the rebirth of a person until the Certain Death. It doesn't matter if you believe in Carlifaism or you don't we all make the trek through the Great Cycle. The Great Cycle starts in the Netherworld. When a person is born a new soul is created. They will live their life in the Netherworld striving for the right to live in Asgard. They can gain the right and fight for the position, but will likely fail and die. If somebody is born in Asgard it means they were reborn from an earlier life on Earth, so no new souls can be born in Asgard. When the new soul dies in the Netherworld they will be reborn onto Earth and live their life. Once they die they will be reborn through one of the five elements back into the Netherworld. This cycle will continue until they have reached noble status were they live out their last life waiting for any loved ones who have died before they have reached Asgard. You can have children, be a shop owner, and live in a palace. You can venture out of Asgard and throughout the Netherworld and if bored you can cross the boundary (as a spirit) and travel Earth. Once you have meant your fulfillment you will pass away sleeplessly and your soul will rest and join nature, this is called Certain Death, because you'll never be reborn again.

"What is the meaning of Earth if we are fighting for a Noble status in the Netherworld?"

Earth is an in-between or lapses were we rest and try to find ourselves so when we are reborn, our second life in the Netherworld can be completed. It doesn't matter if you die in the Netherworld or on Earth you'll always be reborn. Earth is meant to place us into our roles in our later life and if you choose rightfully you'll be reborn through Aether.

"How does somebody become a mythological creature in the Netherworld?"

There are two ways somebody can become a mythological creature in the Netherworld. One being reborn as a mythological creature, one cannot be born in the Netherworld as a mythological creature, but as a hybrid, because half of them is still human. When you're reborn the God's take into fact what you have done in your last life that accounts to you. If you have been a wicked person you'll lose your humanity and become a creature. If you've caused great pain in your last life, it doesn't matter if you meant it or not, karma will inflict you with curses depending on how bad your actions were. You can also become a mythological being if you are cursed by a witch, warlock, elf, and or fairy. Or you can be bitten by a werewolf or vampire. Witches and warlocks are still human, but are the offspring's of human/fairy or human/elf parents making them hybrids and can still journey into Asgard. Hybrids are the only mythological creature that can travel into Asgard for all cursed beings are banned from the Heavenly Gates. They must redeem themselves to enter Asgard.

"What is Carlifah, a mythological creature or a Goddess?"

Carlifah is a demi goddess. No God or Goddess has taken the privilege of fathering or mothering Carlifah so nobody truly knows who her parent's or parent is not even Carlifah herself. Carlifah like a Goddess is immortal so she'll never reach Certain Death and can cross the Boundary without having to become a spirit and can stay in solid form. When Carlifah the Teacher, the very first Carlifah, was born, it took place at the sacred Boundary site of Bifröst. The Gods dropped her and she fell into our Dimension, Earth or as the Gods call it; Midgard. She is the first human born outside of the Netherworld and to be reborn into the Netherworld. From an early age Carlifah knew she was different. She was stronger than all the other girls. She has always had the thirst for battle and an uncanny love for furs, but not just that she could see past the Boundary and into the Netherworld. From there she started the cult of acolytes who believed in her teachings and were the first to be reborn through the Aether. These men and women would be known as the First Faction. Every Carlifah that has been reborn had a group of three to seven that would always be by her side through times of tomfoolery, angst, sadness, battle, and joyfulness. They are thought to be the reincarnated friendships of the First Faction that declined to meet Certain Death so they'll always be reborn to join Carlifah in the next life. For some reason unknown to the followers of Carlifah, all reincarnated Carlifahs in the Netherworld would not be born in Asgard itself, but on the Yggdrasil a sacred tree of the Gods and will be plucked by a sleipnir, an eight legged horse, and flown down into the Netherworld where she'll grow up battling the cursed mythological creatures and saving the Netherfolk of the Outsiderlands. Carlifah the Twelfth is a different story. Loki one of the Gods of Asgard disliked Carlifah as she would plague him with the death of his minions. Loki's minions were known for burning down families' farms and causing bad luck to traveller's on foot. We know them as fairies, but Netherfolk call them demons with pretty faces, not so much for trolls though. Loki split Carlifah the Eleventh into two. One resided in the Netherworld and the other on Earth. One was evil and the other was of good heart. Carlifah the Eleventh or as the Netherfolk called her Carlifah the Shrew was a horrible woman. She was sought out as the evil doppelganger that resided in the Netherworld while Carlifah the Twelfth or as we people call her Carli A. was the good hearten soul, but lack the stomach for blood and war. Carli A. would later find out of the Boundary and her evil twin. Without her acolytes or "friend group" Carli would of never slayed her doppelganger and gained her other half. There is a saga indebted to this Epic written by one of the acolytes and can be found at your local library.

"Where is Asgard? What does the Netherworld look like?"

The Netherworld is the size of Earth and is broken up into nine continents. There is Asgard at the centre of the world, its northern half is on the equator and has a tropical climate due to the rain coming down from the Alfheim Mountain range. Asgard is the land of Noble men and women and at its centre is the Gardens of Fólkvangr Governed by Freyja and the victory halls of Valhalla ruled by Odin. Alfheim or also known as Elfland is the home to the heavenly elves. Its north-west to Asgard and is very mountainous with a sub-tropical climate and is known for its gorgeous architecture mixed with nature. Above Alfheim is Svartalfar which has a temperate climate with many rolling hills surrounding the northern mountain range. Svartalfar was mainly a dwarf populated region, but due to the expulsion of the Dökkálfar (dark elves) they moved up to their northern contour part and live with the dwarfs in the region. Across from Svartalfar is a long land bridge connecting it to Nidavellir a dwarf populated area against the Dökkálfar it has the same geographical characteristics as Svartalfar, but farther west. Beneath Nidavellir is the fire island of Muspelheim. It is dominated by large volcanoes that never stop erupting and is highly mountainous. The rocks are even flammable. The only creatures known to be born on Muspelheim are the dragons and phoenixes. South west of Asgard is Vanaheimr. It is a flat swamp-like island dominated by tropical forests and bogs. Gods of fertility and clairvoyants are the only residing occupants that can live there. South to Vanaheimr and Asgard is Niflheim known as the land of Mist, which is actually their version of Antarctica. Muspelheim and Niflheim are where the criminals and oathbreakers are sent to spend their miserable life until they die and are reborn back onto Earth. To Asgard's east is the Outsiderlands and their Midgard which is populated mostly by humans and their mythological counterparts. Midgard is a large island; its north western tip is fairly mountainous like Alfheim and is sub-tropical. Its north-eastern tip is a dry desert. The southern region is tropical and is covered by many swamps and lowlands and is spotted with many lakes and is the most densely populated area on Midgard. Quite a ways north of Midgard is Jotunheimr it is composed of three large islands and one small island. It geographically has a colder climate, it is rather hilly and on second smallest island of Utgard has a rift valley stretching from the eastern coast to its western coast. The only inhabitants of the islands are Giants and the direwolves with many oversized fauna and flora.

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