Coffee Shop Of Dreams

There's a heavy-set woman standing in line. Her coat a bright blue with buttons lining the edges of the denim material. The breeze flies in as more people enter the warm coffee shop of my dreams.

"They sell my favorite-"

Slightly cut off by the sound of yelling and screams. Brown tones of liquids spill into the scene. Like dazzling paint mixing with the dark blue and light blue contrast of the flooring.


They yell this but I do not agree as this is the coffee shop of my dreams. This is only another beautiful scene filled with laughter instead of fighting gleams. Cleaning the floor with a mop I watch as many others pass and go only to find more coming to my wonderous home.

"Perfect, to see society in a new light."

My coffee shop I love, the people I adore, the customers the workers, the children and adults. All enjoy the sweets and the warmth as I enjoy their smiles and cheers. That's all I need to continue my coffee shop dreams, no profit just smiles, no glares just kind glances here and there.

"It's so wonderful here."

I hope you enjoy my coffee shop as well. The ceiling is a copper brown with little blue and green tints, the chairs are shaped into little cakes for a sweet tooth to share. My little coffee shop of dreams I will always keep nice and fair.