Coffee Shop of Dreams

I was looking around as the sun lite the dark green counters.

I didn't react as customers walked in, all dressed like pieces, to whom they accompanied.

Their eyes focused, hands tensed, as if they were about to play a game.

A game to be lost.


They aren't as cheerful, their minds seating with the cold tiles.


All the words kind of slur,

the letters falling silently,

the sounds cutting me.

I can't remember how long I had been lying in here,

My mind had gone blank and they had passed.

"What would you like?"

I say slowly as the room shakes, bit by bit, it all crumbles.

The clatter begins again as the whole floor quakes...

There's a storm in my peaceful coffee shop and I can't make it stop...

They brought it here, they will not behave.

"Would you help me clean the mess that I can't contain?"

"... ... ... "