Too Many Angels

This sort of evolved from the Dollhouse...


It was early June one day when he put this Doll away
And I'm starting to get tired of pretending I'm okay
Just because there's nothing new for me to do since he decided not to stay
I say why does it have to be this way?

The Angel parked her car illegally along our street
And I thought she'd melt my porcelain skin when she turned up his heat
"Because there's just too many Angels, dear, and a Doll just can't compete, my sweet"
I never felt so incomplete

The Angel wore her scars upon her skin
I guess a Doll can just wear hers within
Does that mean she isn't hurt?

The Angel's fallen down from God, I guess she's here to stay
There are just too many of those girls, their wings all torn away
So the only thing a Doll can do is wait for him to come back home and play
At least I think that's what they say

No, They don't make us like They used to