The Adventures of AIS Unit, Pt. 1

Change. I hate the word. If change had never happened, I would have never had to do this. Change. The world had morphed from countries to continents, separated by thousands of miles of sea. My dream of stopping the violence, first created when I joined the North American Special Intrusion Force (NASIF), also morphed to a motive to kill anyone that may pose a threat to me or my continent. I- "Get on your FEET, soldiers! We have a special assignment at 1700 hours! MOVE! NOW!" The booming voice of the general can never be mistaken, along with his face. He's a huge man, with a buzz haircut, puny legs, and a scar that goes all the way down his scrunched face. He's a menacing man, but occasionally he shows his 'dad' side, some say. I throw my diary on my bed, precariously wondering if I should close it and waste a few seconds or leave it open and be on time. Another soldier bumps me on the shoulder before I have time to decide. "Come on, we're going to be late! You know how the General is when we're late!" His voice is staring to get swallowed up by the mass of the crowd. The words shock me back to my senses, and I rush down the hall to briefing.

"Soldiers, this is a very important assignment. According to recent sources, C-RaT is hiding an ET-4 rocket in London. He made a press announcement about it at 0900 hours yesterday saying that it was a test, but both me and the people in Intel both know that what they said is bull! We need you to sneak in and find out what the hell is going on in there." A fellow soldier taps me on the soldier, and I elbow him back before he can say anything. "You're leaving at 1700 hours, so you better get those asses moVING! NOW!" There is a mad dash of people leaving the room, and I am left with the few stragglers, all eyeing the commander in the face as if they were frozen on the spot. I get out of the room before the Commander can assign punishment for being lazy.

At the cabin, all of AIS (Air Infiltration and Sabotage) was abuzz with all the news of a mass of experimental technology that our unit would be equipped with to find the hidden rocket. Before long, the Commander burst through the doors, and began lecturing us on all the safety procedures that we should use with all the new equipment. Apparently he wanted all the equipment returned in perfect working order, but when you are in the heat of the moment, you are a little more concerned about staying alive than making sure your stuff gets a scratch on it. Right about when I thought about going to the bathroom to kill some time, the Commander ushered in a slim man with big glasses, a nerdy shirt, and a winning smile that only means one thing: fun.

Most of the items we were given were not that different from the material we were given on a normal mission, (such as a silencer for our sniper rifles, thermal camouflage to protect us from thermal cameras, and a UCAV to provide air support.) But there was one thing that made everyone's day. The 'eyes'. A complex device fitted onto the eye, it gives the wearer unprecedented 24-hour live footage from the air, as well as thermal vision and night-vision. Very useful in the pitch-black darkness of London. As we strap on our gear, I think about what the last mission was like, and how easy this one is going to be. Boy, was I wrong.