She Destroyed Everything

Jessica moved to a new school in Pennsylvania three weeks ago. She'd been completely in fear of it, as she wouldn't know a soul there. The first few days were pretty daunting and awkward, but during biology class, she'd been paired with a dark, dishevelled-looking girl named Hannah.

Since then, Hannah had become a friend who she had grown to value and respect dearly. Like Jessica, Hannah had been rather a loner, and they'd taken to one another quite quickly.

After six months at the school, Jessica had joined the prep club, after encouragement from her mother, and, as a result, had become significantly more popular. While this may've been a good thing for Jessica, Hannah had been repeatedly left on the sidelines, and after a while she had been totally forgotten.

Over this period of time, Hannah had noticed just how different Jessica had become.

She's gone from being a misunderstood tomboy, to being a possible prom queen within a matter of months.

Hannah had seen this all before and was knew she'd have to go back to being in her own company again.

For a few weeks this worked; Hannah kept her distance, while Jessica cavorted with her new friends, but one day, whilst in math, something tragic happened.

As the pupils piled into the classroom, sitting down at their desks, one of the prep girls - Monique sat down at the desk beside Hannah.

"Hey. What are you drawing?" Hannah wasn't used to an act of kindness by this kind of person, so she stayed cautious and covered her drawing with her arm as Monique took hold of the corners. "Jeez, I just wanna see it." After a moment, Monique let go of the paper and thought for a moment before grabbing Hannah's bag and spilling the contents out on the floor. Hannah was horrified and immediately leaped to her feet, gathering the spilled sheets and pens. The rest of the four prep girls, including Jessica, grabbed a piece of paper each and laughed at Hannah's drawings of wolves and vampires, before tearing them to shreds and sprinkling the pieces onto her head. By now, the whole class was laughing at her, with the exception of the two nerds at the front, who didn't have the guts to stand up for her. Hannah turned around to look at Jessica, her eyes were tear-stained and red. Jessica seemed startled for a moment. Hannah naively thought that she was going to put a stop to the laughter - she had the power to do so, after all - but instead Jessica took a sheet of Hannah's poetry, looked her dead in the eyes and tore it to shreds.

This was who she was now.

Over the next few days, the prep girls had done similar things to Hannah, so she stopped bringing her art to school, which made her feel even more lonely. Also over this time, Hannah had began to grow more and more resentful and decided it was time to exact revenge.

The next day, Hannah got into school much earlier than normal and made her way to the principal's office. She casually waited down the hall waiting for Principal Brown to go to the teacher's lounge like he usually did. Sure enough, he came out and passed her, not acknowledging her, which she didn't care about. Glancing around, she made sure that there was no one in sight before she swung opened the door and darted into the fairly secure office. She waited for a little while for the school to fill before pressing the PA button and reading:

'Jessica Hunter. Miss Jessica Hunter. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Jessica Hunter of the current 11B who you've all come to love. Little do you know, she betrayed me. She humiliated me and she doesn't care. I sat on the sidelines for months watching her turn into bitch. I knew the day would come.

She destroyed me, so it's my turn to destroy her.

The things she told me when we were once friends…

#1 She has a spot under her arm that leaks puss so badly that she has to go to the bathroom to 'calm it down', you might've been able to smell it a few times.

#2 She informed me of the countless, unspeakable things she'd like to do with Mark Sinsel, so Mark, wherever you are, you've got a stalker.

#3 She only wants to win the school rep because it'll look good on her scholarship - fuck you all, basically.


#4 To her so-called 'friends': She told me that you're a bunch of pompous, rich bastards and she hates you all.

Suddenly, the door swung open. The principal and one of Hannah's teachers came running in. They were both incredibly stunned to find the voiceless weirdo badmouthing the school princess. Nevertheless, they each took an arm and escorted her to her homeroom. Jessica was sat at the front of the room, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She looked up at Hannah as she came through the door.

"You destroyed everything." Jessica murmured. Despite feeling a slight pang of remorse, Hannah simply smiled and grabbed her things. Before leaving she turned to the blubbering beauty.

"So did you."