Luck is as green as grass , it smells like warm melting chocolate ,
streching its arms around the chosen few

Happiness is a rich velvet , it smells like toffe and marshmellows , melted
in a cup by the fire , its infectious , passing around as fast as the wind

Anger is as red as blood , it feels like crumpled snake skin , slithering
around the world with a heart of shattered glass

Comfort is as white as clean sheets , smelling like the richest roses int
he summer medows , it's as rare as diamonds , and we cherish it

Sadness is berry blue , tasting like waterery soup , it flows like heart
broken tears , and jumps upon you like a pouncing cat

Confusion is blue and red , spreading fast , as we feel it one by one ,
it's sticky taste , its rotten stench , and its silky texure., calling out like
stray cats.

Temptation is a smooth brown like chocolate , as hard as nails , calling
you in to its swirling pool , smelling of sweet syrup

Jealousy is orange , like the flames of dispare , only few experience it ,
its spicy taste , its firy burning as it takes you under

Hatred is black smoke , a thunderous cloud raining salty tears on the evil
and never touching the good

Smiles are golden , contagious and as warm as melting butter , they are
brave and lighten up any situation , for they have hearts of

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