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I glare at Carissa before sighing in aggravation. "You've got a point, Carissa, but I think it's best if you stay over there until we get your medicine...If we can signal for help that is..." I look to Christopher where he finally seemed fully aware of what was happening.

"You okay Chris?" I ask. If Christopher was okay he would surely snap-

"Don't call me that!" He grounds out from underneath his black bangs. I give my best shit eating grin and he rolls his eyes.

"Alright Mistah Snappy, help me pry open the door! You too, Maru." I slowly lift myself from the floor; knowing my luck if I had popped up like I wanted to, I the elevator would've dropped all the way to the bottom of the shaft.

Christopher gives me an incredulous look before looking to Marissa, who was already lifting herself from the floor. "Are you kidding me? We just dropped God knows how many floors in a freakin' elevator and know you want to pry open a solid metal door that's made specifically not to ope if the elevator is in specific position?!" He continues to grumble under his breath, but gets up when I continue to stare at him.

We position ourselves around the door with me on above Christopher while he was above Marissa. "Try to get a grip on the groove in the middle." I order as I wedge my finger tips into said groove. I felt in control now, we could do something about our situation. I always felt more calm when I was in a group of people, I couldn't let someone see me having a panic attack...although that didn't apply when it came to elevators or heights. I shook myself out of that train of thought before I ended up in the corner again.

"Everybody ready?" I ask. When I get an affirmative I look down and tell them, "Okay on the count of three, One...Two...Three, Pull!" I heave with all that I have and feel Christopher and Marissa do the same. The door seemed to delight in not moving and my finger tips slip out from the groove.

Christopher and Marissa straighten up and both began flexing there fingers. I shake out my hand in an attempt to avoid the inescapable cramp that was most definitely coming for straight for my poor fingers.

"Well... that didn't work did it?" Marissa snarks and begins to glare at the door. I smile and hear a chuckle come from behind me. I turn and flinch into the corner of the elevator when I realize Carissa is standing right behind me. I wasn't going to take the chance that she would get me sick.

Carissa gives me droll look and tells me, "Breathe Jessica." I exhale suddenly, I hadn't even noticed when I held my breath.

"Sorry," I mutter and look to Marissa and Christopher who were simply staring at me, though I did notice that Marissa was shying into the other corner next to the doors. 'Smart girl' I think to myself.

Out loud I say to them, "How about we all try to pull on a single door, maybe the doors are on like, some kinda connected...something." I make a wild hand gesture in an attempt to show what I meant.

Luckily they both seemed to understand what I was trying to get across and move next to me. I look to Carissa who seemed unsure of what she was supposed to do. I begin to feel extremely guilty for treating her like she has the plague but I can't take any chances. I say to her, with my best attempt at sympathetic smile, "You should probably go sit down.." I trail off, unsure.

Her eyes seemed to have a difficulty with trying to focus on me but when they did, her face twisted into a grimace of discomfort and her hand shot to her chest. "Yeah... that's probably a good idea..." She replies and collapses into the furthest corner away from me. I smile weakly in relief when the elevator doesn't even shift.

"Okay, try to get a grip and pull on three, One...Two...Three!" I practically through myself backwards and pull as hard as possible. As soon as I felt like my arms were going to pop out of their sockets, we're rewarded when there's a loud shrieking noise emanating from the doors and cracks open about four inches before it jams again.

"Fuck yeah!" I fist pump the air and turn to Christopher and Marissa. When I see there faces, however, a sense of dread rushes through me and I turn around. Those four inches we worked so hard to achieve...only showed us a blank metal/concrete wall.

I feel my eyes begin to burn.

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