Summeris the warmest of the four temperate seasons, between spring and autumn. So, would it be possible for it to snow? A warm, snowy show.

On A Warm Summer Day


by XxmicketTxX


Wind crashing into my face
as the last little snowflakes of the day
settle in your hair, onto my hat.

My itty-bitty hands couldn't stand the cold,
So you gave me your hand to hold
as mommy made sure my little mitts were secure.

Where did we go,
Nobody knows,
But it couldn't have been real.

You laughed as I tried to make a snowball
in my itty-bitty hand.
I took that time to catch you in the eyeball,
and I knew that this was the plan.

A fun-filled session of sun and snow,
But no matter how much fun
it was time to get home.

We took off our coats,
And I took of my mitts,
Then we sat on the couch and I took me a sip.

The rest of the day was filled with laughs
and video games.

And even though now all I see is rain,
I can still remember the snow
on that warm summer day.

Is it warm where you are right now? Not just outside, inside. Look inside your heart, review.